Sanni Kay. Yusuf

A stingy man who expects monetary sacrifice from his woman is worse than an embezzler of a people’s common wealth. Stinginess means a deliberate inability to give from what is owned. The stingy man has financial potency, but is not willing to share from it. He is tight-fisted and glue-handed. He is selfish!

No stingy man can ever enjoy a woman to her peak, even if she is naturally philanthropic. Most women who prefer banking their money without spending a dime to assist their hubbies are usually unrepentantly stimulated by their husbands’ mingy, frustrating attitude. I may be wrong. That is my observation, having arbitrated in several marital discords.

Any lady who agreed to marry a man had concurred to share whatever she had with her best-half, including her financial wherewithal. That is who they are. It is their nature. Women have big hearts. They are generous, magnanimous and compassionate, except some who may be rarely, unexpectedly miserly. The way a man treats his wife with his wealth, however infinitesimal, is the way he gets financially assisted by her.

I insist that most women who refuse to give a helping hand in paying school fees, cloth the children, buy foodstuffs etc. were pushed to the wall by the monstrousness of their miserly, mingy life partners. Women are not that callous – they cannot gladly watch their kids stay at home during school hour.

Let the man positively change his attitude; the best of the woman will be felt ad infinitum.


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