How many were the new brides who adorned themselves for their husbands but they didn’t live long to consummate?

How many were people who fixed their wedding date but didn’t live long to witness it?

How many were women who heard the cries of the baby during labour but didn’t live long to see the baby?

How many were people who were waiting for monday to receive their appointment letter but died on Sunday evening?

How many were people who wrote final exams but didn’t see results?

How many were the healthy people who suddenly died, and how many were the sicklers who lived for a long time?

How many were the football lovers who watched first half but didn’t witness second half?

How many were the youths who spent the evenings laughing wit their friends unaware that their white clothes are already awaiting them in the market?

How many people logged in on Facebook but they never logged out with their own hands?

How many were the babies whose birth is being celebrated only for them to die few minutes later on the same appointed night?

How many were people anticipating Ramadan but didn’t meet it?

How many were people trying to run away from death by bathing salt only for that same salt to kill them?

Don’t postpone till tomorrow, that which you can do today! The graves are filled with people who taught they would repent tomorrow but they were surprised by death. Learn from the stories of those who lived before you before you also become a story for those who would live after you!

Allah said, Oh mankind! Fear your Lord, for the convulsion of the final hour is a terrible thing. (Sūratul-Hājj vs 1).

May Allāh take our lives only when it’s best for us to go (Āmīn)


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