May I take you through a journey?


A journey described yet unknown,


It begins with difficulty in breathing,


Son of man tries to remove physical obstruction,


You see him tearing at his clothes and throat,


And then spasmic coughing and spluttering,


The lips,


The ears,


Tips of his fingers turn blue,


His face becomes pale,


With his veins standing out like chords,


His pupils become dilated progressively,


With eyes staring to the point of becoming bloodshot,


Then after five minutes,


He becomes unconscious and breathing stops,


The sophisticated pumping flask with rest,


Then it becomes weaker,


And then weaker,


Until it stops,


Then we say; the person is dead!!!


Before that day, my dear brother!


When the END will bring an abrupt end to your life,


Before that day, dear sister!


When the END will bring an unceremonious end to the beautiful face you so much adore,


Before that day, dear brethren!


Let my pen continue bleeding,


Let my pen keep reminding you of the END that will bring an end to this life…



Amori Lateefah (Dream) @


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