In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Have a reflection upon your very essence
Love of the world hands just a dire sentence
And wrath to the esteemed viceroy on earth
Only in Allah’s obedience lies the true worth
His pleasure the creation must ever desire,
Barring which nothing but the pangs of fire

Seek upright belief which does Him please
Making one triumphant with a soul at ease
True belief works wonders, enables to excel
A best panacea that does the doubts dispel
Getting lost in His colour yields success
Adore and obey Him does the belief stress!

Belief says He is All-High, Mighty and Sublime
Doer of His will, beyond the space or the time:
Just ‘Be’ does He command, and it becomes
Knows the inner most secrets of the bosoms
Alive One doesn’t ancestry or offspring keep
Nor does Exalted Lord felt tired or ever sleep.

Straighten the belief, absolutely dead straight
Towards the Eternal One- Allah the Great
Verily belief is the faith and faith the belief
True believers never encounter fear or grief
Allah promises them peace in the holy pages
Lo! The rational belief does count in all ages.

Rational belief demands us to be sincere,
Loyal and grateful to the Creator, and bear
Humbly the trying times when He does us try
Seeking to examine loyal and those who lie
He tests us through loss, poverty and plight
Only true believers during trials emerge right.

Belief urges us to tread on righteous lines
Far from polytheism, ill-ways and evil signs;
To Allah we pray, prostrate and will return
His pleasure, His grace we must ever yearn
And strive for piety like a good loyal servant
Who always does His Master’s praise chant!

Written by Shabir Ahmed


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