Death is the beginning of life

In the barzakh, the afterlife

Where all men shall meet Nakeer

And Munkar, both rich and Faqeer

The Chief Examiners in the grave

Tough, straightforward and brave

To answer the questions: man rabbuka?

“Who is your Lord?” Then, mā dīnukā?

“What religion did you follow?”

Before arriving in this hollow?

And the third, man nabiyyuka?

Be you Abdullah or Monica

“Who is your prophet?”

Muhammad or Baphomet?

And finally, mā ‘amaluka?

Salāt, or watching soccer?

While the believer will scale through

For all of his answers shall come true

And his grave shall be filled with light

And provisions, to his utmost delight

The Kāfir shall stutter and stammer

And be hit with the sledgehammer

With tortures of different shades

Heavy stone and sharp blades

That is the moment of truth

For every James and Ruth

I come in peace.

Sanusi Lafiagi



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