The life began with action,



The conversation that draws reaction,



Reaction that began with action,



The creation began with Qallam,



Qallam: a pen,



Allah commanded to write,



Reactions were made,



Destiny were created,



The Big Bang,



The science of evolution,



The story began,



The Qur’an is a book of signs,



Not a book of science,



But science is the reaction,



Signs are clear,



In every action,



There is a significant signal,



Iqra “read”,



The mother of books,



There is no mistakes,



Alif Lam Meem,



A sign from your Lord,



Read and reflect,



Qun fa ya’Qun,



Not a magical words,



Allah hates those who practice magic,



The creation was these words,



And the words form the conversation,



Conversation that draws reaction,



Reaction that bring actions,



The words of my Lord is Qun fa ya’Qun,



Be and it will be!




Credit : Ameen Olorunnimbe


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