One of those things I enjoy doing the most is engaging strangers regardless of financial and education status. I enjoy it because it avails me the opportunity to teach and to learn as well.


This evening, I had this bike man who picked me up somewhere. It was cloudy, so I asked him if his place was not far perhaps he would increase his acceleration lest the liquid host of heavens grace his body. He chuckled and said, “No, I will command the rain to start raining when I get home”.

I was surprised yet not surprised. Not surprised because many Christians believe in commanding and making declarations. However, I was surprised the same way a man who knows we all shall die would be shocked at the announcement of the death of a loved one. I knew about the believe but was still shocking.

I had argued that it is not sensible to make declarations. He quoted a Bible verse which he cannot provide the chapter and verse. “Okay, ask your bike to transform into a car!”, I said. He accused me of having no faith and that that is different from commanding in God’s name for the rain to stop. Mark 16:17-18 will continue to fall people’s hands.

“If your child comes to you and say,” Daddy, I command you, give my my school”, would you give him? “, I asked again. He said that’s different, this is about what God has said.

I decide to teach instead of arguing. This is a summary of what I said,

” You see, the reason why some people stop believing in God is because their expectations were too high and misplaced. They are delusional, blind and they have a flat in fool’s paradise.

When you believe that God would answer your prayers just as you want, you would have a problem. I am very certain that you will make that command and it won’t be so. What happens if the prayer is not answered?

In the Qur’an, Allah says something may be good for us but we hate it and vice versa. Perhaps, the rain beating you may be the best thing for you against your so-called command because God knows what is best for you.

Therefore, the most important thing is to pray to God. Commanding God is irrational, your child can’t command you to give him what is even his right.”

While he still disagreed that God should not be commanded, he agreed with other points.


Question: Should man command God as a form of supplication?


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman



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