The concept of Feminism is a contemporary ideology that posits itself as a protector of the rights of women. However, the concept goes beyond what it claims to preach on the surface. Unfortunately, many women, old and young, religious and irreligious fall for the general definition, mostly unaware of many fallacies, illogicalities and the nonsenses it comes with. Who would not want to be protected anyway?

In this article, we will not dwell on how feminism walks with atheism, agnosticism, pro-homosexuality. In fact, we will not focus on how a feminist, Titania McGrath, suggested that we should give all newborn babies numbers until they are ready to determine their own gender. We asked questions regarding her ridiculous request; do we tie babies with ropes or wrappers? Or what happens when we buy male cloth for a “boy child” that wants to identify as a female? Can we ever be just and fair?

Also, it is not news that today, some feminists have been calling for the neutrality of words that carry, ‘man’ as in manpower but they have a long way to go as we have,

  • mandatory.
  • manifesto.
  • manganese.
  • manoeuvre.
  • manzanita.
  • mannequin.
  • mannerism.
  • manhandle and more…

Seriously, who cares if it is called womandatory? Perhaps we may see meninists also fighting matriarchy.



Once, I read that a feminist had criticized the idea that, in times of war or danger, women and children are evacuated and kept safe. To her, such a gesture suggests that women are weak and that it relegates to the same class with children. After all, ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’.

While the ‘women and children first’ had existed in Islam over a thousand years ago, the women and children first is a code of conduct that dates back to 1852. According to the code of conduct, the safety of women and children is a priority in times of danger and life-threatening situations. This concept is also famously associated with the sinking of that great ship, RMS Titanic that sunk on its first voyage after hitting an iceberg in 1912. The women and children.

How can you convince someone that prioritizing her life in times of danger belittles her? How is putting women at the forefront of danger a depiction of strength and service to womanhood?

Sadly, many females fall for the feminism scam but do not understand it. If they have any understanding, then, not what it entails or the evil and shenanigans that accompany it.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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