A few days ago, I and the KnowIslam Project team had some discussion about Aisha Yesufu, a co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls Movement. We had a friendly debate, listened to opinions and our conclusion was, “It is worth it is”, no one wrote to praise or fault her.

Some minutes ago, I came across a Facebook post by Jinadu Abiola (may ALlah bless him), singing the praise of Aisha Yesufu. He had given her two titles, “The Heroine of this ‘Ummah and The Mujaddid of our generation”. This article is a subtle refutation to the honoured brother, not to spite him but to correct and inform those who are getting misguided. Kindly follow this piece objectively.

Mr. Jinadu obnoxiously likened Aisha to the wife of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) who bears the same name, ‘Aa’isha. “She stunned the world with her efforts that can never be condemned. She immitated(sic) her namesake, the Mother of the believers A’ISHA RA and she shook the World by so doing.”, he wrote.

Anyone who understands Islam and Nigerian politics knows that Aa’isha, the Mother of the believers and Aisha, the mother of her children are incomparable. While the former was a religious scholar, the latter is a political activist. I have been wondering on what grounds did Mr. Jinadu gift, ‘The Heroine of this ‘Ummah” to Aisha Yesufu. Is it because she fought for Hijab rights, made videos and wrote articles against the stereotype against Muslims by the Media or her protests were for the rights of the Palestinians or other Muslims affected worldwide?

This piece is not to discredit her POLITICAL and HUMANITARIAN activities. However, people really need to watch against manipulation and brainwashing. Yeah, Aisha is an activist but she is not a representative of Islam or the Muslims. She may be the voice of Nigerians but not of the Muslims. Therefore, gifting her an exclusive title, “the Heroine of this ‘Ummah” may be a form of exuberance.

Also, Jinadu called Aisha Yesufu the ‘Mujaddid of this generation’. This is hilarious, petty, thoughtless and blasphemous. For those who do not know who a Mujaddid is, here is an hadith about it;
Allah will raise for this community at the end of every 100 years the one who will renovate its religion for it.

— Sunan Abu Dawood, Book 37: Kitab al-Malahim [Battles], Hadith Number 4278

This is the Mujaddid who brings about renewal (Tajdid) in Muslim lands, among Muslims and not an #endSARS protester. Mujaddid in Islam are pious, Islam-conscious and knowledgeable Muslims. For more understanding, Junaid has equated Aisha with these people,

– Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz
– Ahmad ibn Hanbal
– Muhammad al-Bukhari
– Ibn Taymiyyah
– Usman Dan Fodio
– Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani etc.

Aisha Yesufu is a Muslim and a political activist. If that is accepted in Islam or not is a different subject. People should not just throw exclusive titles around. Excitement should not barricade critical thinking. (Simple terms have been used for a proper understanding).

Aisha is as good as the women of the Aba Women’s Riot of 1929. They did well for the nation but those who died during the rebellion will not make it into the Foxe’s Book of Matyrs.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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