Looking down into the wavy ocean.
Crossing over the railings of the bridge
Drenched, in my ocean of tears
Confused, to proceed or not

Hey! thou ungrateful!
Thou thinkest Allah despises you? ,
Alas! You thought to hang on the wire,
Are your deeds enough to escape His fire?

My ocean of tears doth flow
Decision, hard like the head of Janus
Alas! here, the point it ends
I’m at the wall – to live or leave
Of Allah’s wrath, , I am afeared but the Dunya ain’t no ease

Hast thou drunk failure – ask Bilal ibn Rabah
The peak of experience; ask RosuluLlah
Impoverished? – money resides not in the grave nor the skies either
Thou seekest peace? – Marry! The grave markets no peace!

I agree; but, my distress?
What grieves my heart
Hunts my mind, soul and body
Prayer, I sought yet, it forsakes

Drop the rope and repent,
Lest you get punished with same,
One shall account for his property,
How much more the Allah’s property; your soul.

I sway to your words
I understand every
But do not seem to comprehend
What to decide
Succumb to the sea or the land
But the shame, oh the shame

Fearest not the day?
When the Sun and Moon are brought close,
Do you think you won’t be raised?
And made to face what you flee from?

I succumb to your humble words
And place my life in the hands of the Most high
I will wait for the miracles to work
The hope of living in peace
Blazing in my heart.

Why the hurry? The death we run towards and/or flee from is a certainty…


©Deejah (Abra_muslimah) and AbduLlah Al-junayd


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