To the woman who now seems Older
And who happened to be my blessed Mother
Cherishing me during the age I was Smaller
And also at the moment I became Younger.

Although you are not near to be a Scholar,
But the display of your zealousness is Finer.
A sign of model that show you are Smarter,
Even more than that of any degree Holder.

Though they say women are more Emotional,
But your wordings to me are more like Sugar,
Wherein lies the qualities of a good Teacher.
Your contributions makes my future Brighter.

At the time there was none serving as Father
And the Creator is only your utmost Supporter,
You stood firm and exemplified a Manager.
Your attributes is comparable to no Other.

Even in the presence of the proven Haters,
You showed them you can succeed Farther.
In your psyche is a quality that is Richer
And within you is a model of empire Builder.

For the wellbeing of the family, you Suffer;
Accept this little appreciation I could Offer.
The only loving companion when none Bother,
And by the Lord, our affairs will last Forever.

You took the task to be a commercial Trader,
For the wellbeing of your sons and Daughters
To attain quality education that is Technical.
Your status can never be replace by Another.

Your role as nurturer is more than a Sister,
Trying to help the condition of her Brother,
For the family to enjoy blissful life Together;
In united love no human can put Asunder.

I wish I could do more to praise you Further,
For your caliber is more than any Nurturer.
There is nothing I can do to pay you Better,
Only to place you in my heart as a Reminder,

Hear my call on you, O Allah, the All-Provider,
Grant me and my mother blissful abode of Eternal
That we may dwell and enjoy at the same dinner
Indeed, her love last in my heart like no other.

Glad Tidings!

© Eversoul