Hitherto, I had believed one’s first love was always the truest
Not until I saw your sunshine down into darkness
Faded just like the smoke goes unseen and disappeared into the thin atmosphere
You said you were going to take me deeper than my heart could ever wander
But you only left me drowning in my own ocean of love
I took all the lies and played the fool

I understand how you feel. But, I had to do it for our own good
Closeness causes attachment and it fades the
power of the brain.
Following the heart here is dangerous. Disobeying the laws of Allah will certainly set in.
Love has to be kept halal. Not the other.

Through my naivety I let your shadow get my light faded
Were you only an imaginary?
Was I only living in my own fantasy?
A fantasy that was suppose to last forever turned into an eternal silence of the sea.

My silence is based on me striving to obey the laws of the Deen
Seclusion is inviting Shaytaan in our midst
Gazing is another path of Iblees’s
We have to be careful not to fall in the trick of Iblees.

I understand my dear,
I’m sorry, I just got sunk.