Sad girls, deadpan faces than Buster Keaton’s were featured images used by many media houses in delivering the news of a bill that was said to have been passed by Iranian lawmakers.

No! Fathers cannot marry their daughters

Contrary to what Facebook and Whatsapp journalists want us to believe, there is no law in Iran that allows Fathers to marry their daughters.

Perhaps, the most sensational headline would be “A controversial Bill passed in Iran, it allows men to marry daughters, draws flak from other nations” from

In the article, the picture of a girl less than 13 was used as the featured image to serve its purpose. It has 14.4k shares already.

The said Bill which was passed by parliamentarians in Iran allows men to marry their ADOPTED daughters who are not less than 13.

Iran’s Guardian Council, a body of clerics and jurists which vets all parliamentary bills before the constitution and the Shari’ah, has yet to issue its verdict on the controversial legislation.

Contrary to what was reported in the headline, men can marry their adopted daughters not their daughters as they want us to believe.

The news itself is 6 years old. copied a 2013 article from the guardian. The news is itself outdated.

As at October 2013, adoptive parents could marry adopted children under specific circumstances and with court approval.

“Islam” is sensational

In our world of today, anything that has to do with hating or preaching against Islam/Muslims sells. This is one reason why fake news against Islam are being published and spread daily.

Most headlines that read “men can now marry their daughters” laid emphasis on Iran being an “Islamic Republic”. For them, it is another avenue to bash Islam and label it as archaic and barbaric.

Unfortunately  these fake headlines were shared by Islamophobes criticizing Islam for what they thought was true. They are blind critics. If that news was true, they would have attacked Islam for what they cannot even trace to the Qur’an or the authentic Hadeeths.

Many Muslims, on the other hand, who nurse animosity against Iran were also quick to share the news. This is unfortunate. Muslims are expected to verify information, especially when it is from evil people. This is 2019, it is important that Muslims are conscious of the fact that, anywhere Islam or Muslims is mentioned in the Western media one should go extra length in verifying the information.

The west keeps teaching what it lacks 

To the West, it is important that the whole world stands up against marrying one’s adopted daughter. However, the West cannot continue to teach people what is right or wrong when she has lost Morals herself.

It is important to note that this article is not to support or criticize Iran’s law. Iran is an Independent State and can make her own decisions.

As usual, “human rights organizations” from the West had been wailing and masturbating over the idea of the legalization of a man MARRYING HIS ADOPTED daughter who is not below 13. It is worthy of note that in Iran, the marriage age limit for women is 15 and sex outside marriage is illegal.

While this is a “BIG PROBLEM”, the West had normalized Homosexuality, but, we MUST accept it to be civilization as any attempt to criticize it makes us backwards, homophobic and may land us in jail. The following countries have legalized Homosexuality;


  • Belgium in 2003
  • Spain in 2005
  • Canada in 2005
  • South Africa in 2006
  • Norway in 2009
  • Sweden in 2009
  • Portugal in 2010
  • Iceland in 2010
  • Argentina in 2010
  • Denmark in 2012
  • Brazil in 2013
  • France in 2013
  • Uruguay in 2013
  • New Zealand in 2013
  • The United Kingdom in 2014
  • Luxembourg in 2015
  • The United States of America in 2015
  • Ireland in 2015
  • Colombia in 2016
  • Finland in 2017
  • Malta in 2017
  • Germany in 2017
  • Australia in 2017
  • Austria in 2019

On the other hand, many countries have also legalized Incest without outrage. In fact, the so-called human rights organization and human rights activist do not have anything to say about this since it has nothing to do with Islam.

Countries like Argentina, USA, Netherlands, Spain have legalized Incest. In so many other countries  Incest between two consenting adults is not a crime.

It is 2019, the West has no monopoly of what is Ethical or not.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman



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