The shenanigans of Christian Evangelists by road sides, in car parks, bus stops, junctions, on commercial buses as well as their door to door evangelism is no longer a news.

This morning, I got to the car pack to travel to Ilorin. We were waiting for other passengers when a die-hard radical Christian Evangelist came around.

He gave a pamphlet to a Muslim brother who rejected it. “I am a Muslim”, He said. The pastor said, “Ah, eeyah” then gave it to another sister who also declined saying she is a Muslim.

Instead of looking for other Christians to give, he started to preach. He said, “One thing you people don’t know is that Muslims and Christians are one. Even Muhammad said that Muslims must believe in Jesus and other Messengers”.

While the sister was trying to tell him that we don’t believe in Jesus as a Lord and personal saviour, he kept talking and shaking like a newly trained soldier’s hand looking for someone to slap.

I said to him, “Excuse me pastor. Yeah, it is true that we Muslims must believe in Jesus Christ but the question is, as what? You Christians believe Jesus is a son of God, we believe he is a servant, messenger and prophet of God supported by Acts 3:13, Acts 3:26 of the RSV even Matthew 12:18.

You believe Jesus is God using John 1:1 as a reference as well as Isaiah 9:6 but John 5:30, John 6:38, Matthew 27:46 and even John 17:3 nullify these claims as Jesus in these verses claimed God was superior to him by asking God to save him and claiming to have come to do the will of God.

You believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and personal saviour saviour but we do not as we believe Only God can Save and we seek help from him alone. The Bible says in Isaiah 43:10-11 that God said before him no God was formed, after him there will be no God and he is the Lord and there is no saviour except him so it is supported by the bible. Even in the Bible… ”

I looked around and I saw the pastor laughing hysterically” Usain Bolting”towards another section of the car park.

He came around again after some minutes and saw that people are still discussing him since 98% of us on the bus are Muslims. He was about to leave again still laughing hysterically when I told him, “Pastor, come. For every 20 minutes you spend preaching the gospel here and answering my questions, I will be paying you 1,000 naira” but NO! He left again then the other sister also said to him from afar, “yes, come, we will pay you for preaching to us”

He left and some on the bus said, “Allahu Akbar!” while others said “Alhamdulillah”.

The bus started and someone prayed in a normal Islamic manner not calling in the blood of Jesus on us nor shouting as if God is not all-hearing.

No Christian today has seen the blood of Jesus. If they get on a bus or in their car then pray asking for the blood of Jesus to protect them, if they see blood running over the bus or car, they won’t celebrate it rather they will combine all elements in Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Arjen Robben and Usain Bolt so they can cover 10,000 km/minute to run away from what would be an horror instead of a prayer answered.

If you think your Lord and personal saviour kills people for saying the truth though you die too, turn to Allah who made death a certainty and for every Soul is an appointed time.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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