Guess who knocked on my door this morning?

Two female preachers bringing me the word of God.

Haa. I became excited.


I’ve missed those Jehovah’s witnesses knocking on my door on Saturday mornings in Lagos.

The preachers wanted to tell me God loved us.

They asked me about God’s plan and if I’m aware that there is an end to suffering.

Hahahah. I laughed.

This is not going to be a religious conversation. Its going to be all about logic and semantics. If only they knew who they were about to have a discourse with.

I told them there is no end. There is only a reckoning.

They agreed.

Then one explored my concept of reckoning.

I answered, you are judged for your actions and either get damned or get blissed.

She disagreed.

She said God is not wicked. That the concept of God’s damnation is in conflict with his love. That we are God’s children.

My daughter chose to rear her head at that moment.

Would you punish your daughter for eternity if she sinned? She asked.

I said No. But I’m not God, and God is not my father.

Then I asked, what if her child was Hitler?

…………………….. she smiled.

She started to realize it was going to be a long morning.

Would you love him after all he’d done?

She sidetracked. I’ll dissociate myself from him.

I accepted the answer.

This allowed her to further her point. You know, God Can’t punish us for eternity because there is Satan and other distractions that sway us from His ways.

I asked, is Satan eternally damned? She says yes.

Did God create Satan? She said yes.

Is God Satan’s father?

She saw where I was going.

So if a man is aware of God and Satan through the scripture and a man firmly chooses the way of Satan, shouldn’t he be treated like Satan?

She saw the logic.

Then she chipped in, but we inherited Adam and Eve’s Sins.

I said how and why? And if that’s the case, why haven’t we inherited Adam and Eve’s way and be the same like them. If we inherited their sins, why didn’t we inherit their faith?

Another wall.

But punishing someone for eternity is wickedness, she chipped and God is not wicked.

You’re starting to sound like an atheist. I said.

No, my bible says God is love.

I say yes, I believe that. I just also believe that God is more.

There is action and consequences. And there is precedence. Satan’s crime was pride.

So if you were on the road driving a car and oversped by a little, your punishment is different from if you oversped dangerously and at court, if you were remorseful, that’ll be factored, and if there were extenuating circumstances, that would be factored, and you if you stole a car and then were drunk driving and then killed people and were not remorseful, that would be something deserving of life imprisonment.

She agreed.

So your body is eternally damned for commiting a crime of the body.

So your soul can be damned in the same way after your body dies, if you had the same pride that Satan had in terms of following God’s commandment.

She agreed.

The morning wasn’t too cold, but I could sense they needed to exit. I could do this for three days in a row before I drink a glass of water. Lol.

We just wanted to share God’s love.

Thank you. I already know about it, I’m only telling you there is more to it.

We also wanted to let you know there is an end to this suffering, like hunger and pain etc.

God has provided all we need as humans. Air, water, shelter. The amount of food wasted can feed millions of hungry people. And pain is a response.

So again, God will use all we do as evidences against us, to determine if we deserve His love and mercy and for how long. Perhaps, this is what is meant by God creating us in His Image. (I thought, a reflection should mimic the body in front of a mirror. Life is the mirror. How would you feel if you raised your right hand and your mirror image refuses?)

Anyways, we just wanted to tell you what the Bible says.

Thank you, but as you can see, I’ve not disputed many things you’ve said. I’ve only asked what if there is more?

More like?

Like the Qur’an.

It was then it dawned on them, I was a Muslim.

I saw a shift in their body language.

We only know the Bible and it is enough for us.

Perhaps, but what if God out of his love for you has led you to my door to learn about the Qur’an.

They laughed.

It’s clear that I know more about the bible than you know about the Qur’an.

They agreed.

So why not find out if there is more to God’s word and love, it doesn’t mean you need to be a Muslim. But you’ll certainly be more enlightened.

But the bible is sufficient for us.

Perhaps, but how can you come to that conclusion when you’ve not read the Qur’an?

One said, when you work in CBN, they teach you about real and fake Naira.

Haaa. Perfect.

Imagine that person believing Naira is the greatest money, until they hear about Dollar and Pounds. Imagine the person then exchange their original Naira for fake Dollars? That’s how you are, when you bring your message of Love to me. It is an exchange. You think your Naira is original, and want me to give you my 1 pound for 1 Naira . You and I both know that can’t work.

Phew. Which kain man be this!

Let’s look at it from another angle. If you wanted to do a cesarean section now, and I offer you a doctor using 18th century medical syllabus and another using 21st Century syllabus, which would you choose?

21st century.

Then you can imagine the disservice you’ll do to yourself if you’re not aware of the 21st century syllabus? And note, there is no compulsion in even using the 21st century syllabus.

Well, the one who talked the most said, all I know is what the bible says.

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3, 15-17.

I say, you see how the Lord works in mysterious ways! He has inspired you to actually listen to what I have to tell you.

It says ‘All scripture’. Not, ‘This scripture’.

Phew. She realized I was right.

Tor. Odabo. Till we meet again. What your name please.



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