AlhamduliLlahi Robbil ‘Alameen!!!

We have come to the end of the two days Public lecture organized by Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP NIGERIA), Akure Branch and to the glory of Allah, 57 Christians embraced Islam (Making a total of 87 reversion with the previous day!).

The lecture was educating, interesting and dramatic. Different Christians started to argue as regards the person of Jesus Christ, Crucifixion, Divinity and the Bible itself.

The Video of the lecture was livestreamed in HD on YouTube with Advanced Digital Camera, so the quality of the video will be super B.


You can watch the lecture live streamed on YouTube via the link below;


While you can also read the full details of the lecture on ACADIP Nigeria Official Website

Those watching via YouTube app can change the quality up to 1080p.

Kindly subscribe to the YouTube channel.
Each subscription counts, had we not reached 1,000 subscribers, we wouldn’t be able to livestream.

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ACADIP Nigeria… Uncovering their cover-ups



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