My eyeballs capture many sheilas everyday
Ranging from the dark to the fair
Ranging from the slim to the fat
But there is this one I’ve never seen
All I see is her hijab.

Just as the diamond is found underneath
Just as gold can never be easily found
She keeps her beauty behind her veil
She reveals her adornments to the holy dress
All she exposes is her hijab.

She will never shout like others
She will never advertise her voice like others
She won’t even dare to scream in public like they do
She only keeps her voice for the one who deserves it
All she says are the best words.

So proud is he who she accepts his proposal
Lucky is he who has her as a wife
Successful will be the fruits she gives birth to
Blessed are the ones who gave birth to her
The woman who follows her Lord’s injunctions.

How does she look? I don’t know
How does she smile? I can’t say
Is her palm soft? I can’t tell
Is she light or dark? I still don’t know.
That is the beauty of being a Niqobi.


Dear sisters let protect our pride.

©Kifayah A. Amobigold


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