We wake up each day to the sound of the birds
But theirs is to the sound of bomb raising over their heads
Watching their loved ones dying
There is nothing they can do than crying
Crying and praying to Allah
Hear their plea Oh Allah


Oh Allah, Ya Allah
Save Palestine from their trials

That live in life where the father can’t save his children

The cry out loud seeing their loved ones gone without being able to

To render any help

Father wishes to see their kids grow up but the dream is yet to come

We pray for a better life

Oh Allah, yah Kareem

Save Palestine from their trials

But their prayer is just to have a life
Feeding is hard for them as there is no food
Likewise shelter is difficult for them too
A peaceful life is to them a dream

On their behalf we beseech you Ya Kareem
Despite their suffering
They never stopped calling your name ya rahman
Oh Allah, Ya Allah
Save Palestine from this trials

I can feel the pain of the children of Palestine
Because it’s not their fault
To be born a citizen of Palestine
Is something that has been predestined
Even before it’s conceived in the thought

They are tortured just for being who they are
And there is nothing wrong in believing in Allah
Just hold on to your iman and soon you’ll realise
That there is no other reward for you except jannah which is paradise
It is on you we place our hope

Oh Allah, Ya Allah
Save Palestine from their trials





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