THE RARE GEM (SISTER’S VERSION) By Ummu Ubaidah (Penword)

Admiring you from afar,
Loving you in secret
and my prayers to keep
you in the safety of my dreams.

For you are a rare Gem

I gazed for what seems
like a second, too fearful
for speaking and too nervous for approaching.

For you are a rare Gem

My words escape me
yet they flourish from a
page, but maybe it’s not
yet my season

With my love farmenting with
age, then I guess it must wait.

For you are a rare Gem

I confess I must say,
you are my Star and I’m
just a glimmer in the
Galaxy of your existence
which goes unnoticed.

From a distance drawn
by your deen and modesty
I yearn so long for you.

Because me without
you is like a writer with
no words.

Yet still you are a rare
Gem  and mine to cherish.

Yours sincerely
Secret Admirer

© Ummu Ubaidah Penword ✍

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