The 5th edition of the contentious reality show, BBNaija has kicked off on Sunday, July 19, with this year’s edition tagged ‘BBNaija lockdown’. Going by the number of streams, messages and traffics under hashtags, unarguably, it is Africa’s largest reality TV show. The previous editions of the show have always come to light in the spring of academic sessions, when most kids are in school – but unfortunately, the train of this year’s edition took off while the whole world is home alone, made to stay indoors due to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.

As a show that has raised many dust in the past and still stirring opinions at the moment, BBNaija is undoubtedly, a controversial show. Many criticisms have been levelled against it by clerics, academics, parents and other well-meaning Nigerians, and this was borne out of nothing but its immoral and sexual contents; like live TV sex, kissing, romance, illicit talks, indecent dresses that reveals shapes, cleavages and lots more, all which would be improper for little kids to watch, especially in this lockdown period.

A terrible mistake parents should not afford to make for the next 10 weeks is sleeping with their eyes closed; hence exposing their child(ren) to this dangerous show, else, these innocent kids will have immoralities injected into them. And most of the things they watch on TV, they would love to give a chance to practice, such is just the funny power of their psychological programming. Imagine a situation where kids utter slangs, kiss, romance or practice other filths they have watched from BBNaija show.

Parents should, hence, keep a watch on their children by limiting their access to television or the remote control. Good channels where beneficial and educative programs are available should rather be what kids should be allowed to watch, and not a show that would shape their value system and behaviors, in an illicit manner.

Born and bred in Ibadan, Hashim Yussuf Amao is Graduate of University of Ilorin. He tweets via @LegalBard


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