Only a coward dies before death comes. An article surfaced on the internet written by a ghostwriter. In the article titled “The Coming Fulani Caliphate Major Jihad Against The Church In Edo State”, the writer deceitfully tried to buy the minds of the Christians in Edo state by discrediting the candidature of the first-ever Muslim to aspire for the position of Deputy Governor in the state since its creation. Because a Muslim surfaced, he felt threatened even while his running mate is a Pastor. In his words, he said, “the deputy is not just an ordinary Muslim but a mallam. A radical or committed Muslim from our findings”. Here one can easily deduce that the only headache he and his team have is that a Muslim surfaced. He didn’t back up his claim with any obvious fact to prove the candidate is not to be trusted. The only thing he showed is hatred for Muslims and the fear of having Muslims around. Even while the Bible says, “love thy neighbour”.

To set the record straight. The percentage of Muslims in Edo is not 10%. It is between 35 and 40%. In a country where we all claim equal rights, it is not too much for a Muslim to exercise their fundamental human right of voting and being voted for. If there was no Muslim candidature in the election, the Christians would have persuaded the Muslims to again, vote for a Christian as it has always been. The “Caliphate and Jihadism” would have not emerged. What hypocrisy!

It is quite stupendous for one to link democratic politics with Jihad. In his words, he said, “politics is one of the strongest Jihad”. This is deceitful! The meaning of Jihad as being portrayed by these deceivers is something ridiculous. We heard enough of these lies in 2015. We were told we shouldn’t vote for the candidature of Muhammadu Buhari because he had “Jihad” in his agenda, but they forgot the opponent they canvassed for was a Muslim too.

The good people of Edo should not be deceived. There are no comparable elements in Jihad and Democracy. Whatever name he called APC is not the Muslims’ business. But tainting the caliphate and Islam in the name of politics is what the Muslims will not keep quiet about. Islam has a body has no political party as far as Nigeria politics is concerned. There is no correlation between the caliphate and politics as portrayed by the writer. It is just a cheap trick to bribe the minds of his fellow bigots. I expected that the writer will mention Lagos too among the states to sign MOU with the caliphate for jihad as Lagos is a key state owned and ruled by APC. His lazy findings only revealed the MOU signed by Imo and Kogi state Governors. We have heard enough of these lies. A desperate marketer can use any method to discredit his competitors just to sell his ideas or goods. Whereas a good marketer would have just focused on the need for his prospects to buy his products. If I may ask, what has the Governor done for the muslims in the last four years?

The governor, the deputy, the secretary to the state government, the chief of staffs, the speaker of the house are all Christians. Is the state on Christianization agenda? There are more than 30 government boards and committee in Edo state with more than 700 members with no single Muslim chairman except the Muslims Welfare Board. The Governor didn’t find it necessary to employ a Muslim to teach IRS in Edo schools after series of promises depriving the Muslim indigenes of their rights to practice and study their religion in the schools just like their Christian counterpart. Amidst these facts, it is still the Christians who cry foul? Where is the equity? Where are their conscience?

“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”, a proclamation by the pigs who control the government in the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of government that claim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power and juicy privileges to some elites neglecting the others. To vote, the Edo Muslims share equal right with the Christians, why can’t the same apply to being voted for?

I shook my head in pity that the writer could describe the running mate of the Muslim mate in the election with unfair terms. He described a Pastor as being unfortunate to have emerged in the agenda of the Caliphate. He needed to discredit his fellow Christian just not to pave way for muslims. In this case, the friend of their enemy is their enemy too. This is isn’t “Christ-like”. But why is the fear for Islam and Muslims? This proves the religion is true and divine. Nobody cries for Christianization even when it is obvious. If criminals commit crimes, why don’t we call them criminal instead of tagging religion?

Elections should be issue based and not hatred. The Church and Christians in Edo should not feel intimidated by the emergence of the Muslim deputy candidature. It is only a challenge to provide a more credible opposition instead of displaying bigotry, hatred and selfishness. Anyways, we know why it is paining them. The muslims also have a percentage of the Christians to also vote in support of the pastor which is the running mate of the Muslim. Stop making jihad as a point of campaigning against Islam. There are honest Christians who don’t believe in your lies anymore. And the muslims already know you detest to see us grow.

May Allah make the election a peaceful one and may He choose the best for the muslims and the state in general.


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