In Nigeria today, Boko Haram, as a terrorist organization has been a cause of concern for Nigerians. Unfortunately, Nigerians are divided on ethnic and religious grounds.

Commenting on my article on the killing of CAN Chairman by the terrorist organization (read here) , my friend, Gregory Wyatt commented,

“Boko Haram is a construct of France, Britain and the United States. You have a covertly funded terrorist organization created to sow chaos and mistrust amongst the Nigerian populace.”


This evening, a discussion was ongoing about Leah Sharibu. The group members were debating if Leah Sharibu should have “accepted Islam” so she could be released by Boko Haram since she was given that condition. There were pros and cons as to whether she made the right decision for refusing to accept such Islam.


Contributing to the discussion, I took everyone back to the genesis of the discussion. If we are debating whether Leah Sharibu was wrong or right, that means we already agree with the narrative that Boko Haram really held her back for not accepting Islam. It beats my imagination that a terrorist organization with members whose targets are humans in that they have killed Muslims and Christians would leave a captive because she wouldn’t accept Islam; a religion whose adherents they have killed in their hundreds.


Replying to my submission, a Christian sent a voice note which made my day. Download the audio below.



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