Priest of 30 years accepts ISLAM.

Ahmed Skjetne, 75, has worked as a priest in the Church of Sweden for 30 years, in almost 15 of these was active in Skillingaryd’s pastorate, but three years ago he decided to convert to Islam and then changed the name Leif to Ahmed.

As a priest, you must believe that your goal is to call to Christianity.

As a priest, you live and earn from the faith, but you call to things that are not logical. He held Masses he couldn’t really believe. He could never explain the trinity.

He worked a lot against racism and Islamophobia and thus met a guy from Morocco with whom he discussed a lot about religion. He realized that in Christianity he only prayed in church while in Islam(Submission to the will of God) he had daily prayers. In time, he started worshiping with a Muslim from Morocco and converted to Islam.

He did not tell anyone else for the fear of not being accepted. He even continued to work as a priest for some time after accepting Islam. However, he felt like a hypocrite and decided to sell everything he had in Sweden and move to Morocco.

His colleagues did not know about his acceptance of Islam, but their decision to move was strange to them and some even wanted to declare him insane.

After moving to Morocco, he called his former boss and colleagues and told them to accept Islam. They were in shock. One of them even went to Morocco and tried to persuade him to return to both Sweden and Christianity.

He stuck to his decision that Islam was the truth. God is Only One and that Jesus is a prophet like other prophets God Almighty sent and Prophet Muhammad is the last and final One for all of humanity. Nothing could convince him to return to Christianity. Morality in Islam, caring for others and a constant connection with Allah(God Almighty )is what he considers right and the Truth.


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