In the name of Allaah.

We, the undersigned, hereby dissociate ourselves in totality with the advertised conference organized by Centre for Global Peace Initiative with the above Theme and scheduled to hold today and shifted for undisclosed reasons.

Without prejudice to the apparent intention of the organizers to employ dialogue as a means of obtaining conflict resolution, we strongly object to misplaced identification of the key issues in the conflict and the parties involved.

The conflict is between the Nigerian State and the promoters of Secesion and the subject is Sedition. We are, therefore, not parties to the conflict. If there is merit in a debate on this subject, it should be between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the promoters , supporters agitators and spectators of the seccesion bid any of whom we are not.

Another equally significant reason we are opting out of this debate is the Methodology adopted. With Gratitude to Allaah and without undue pride, we are respected and self-respecting leaders of large congregations of Muslims not only in the South West Nigeria, but on global dimensions. We feel severely and maliciously slighted by the manner in which we were virtually”conscripted” into this project without the expected politeness befitting our status. We do not expect a respectable and enlightened organization to project us, names and pictures, without any formal letter of invitation and express consent from us. This methodology is viewed by us as pedestrian, rude and denigrating. If other participants feel great about it , we are sorry, we feel, rather, insulted by it.

Similarly, we believe that a debate should take place among equals and keynote address should be delivered and analysed on the basis of equal intellectual and other relevant standing. This is apparently missing in this arrangement.

In the light of all these, we are constrained to disclaim any involvement, knowledge, support and encouragement to any activity related to or having semblance to edification and legitimization of Sedition which the debate appears to us to be.

Above all, our umbrella organization, MUSWEN, has said all we need to say and there is nothing to add on this matter.

Thank you in anticipation of your good understanding of our position.

Yours in nation building,

1. Prof Ishaq Lakin Akintola
2. Sheikh AbdrRahman Ahmad
Chief Missionary, Ansar ud Deen Society
3. Prof Taofiq Adesina AbdulAzeez
Imam, University of Abuja
4. Prof AbdulHafeez Oladosu
Dean, Faculty of Arts,
University of Ibadan
5. Sheikh Dhikrullah Shafi’
Mufti, Conference of Muslim Organizations


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