Sharia for the Poor? What I learnt from the Jihad of Usman Dan Fodio

* Some claim that since the Sharia Law in Northern Nigeria is used to prosecute just the poor and not the rich, then, it should be abolished. However, this same people will say a man is jailed for stealing #1000 but the politician has immunity even after stealing millions under democracy without calling for the abolishment for democracy.

This makes us ask, is the campaign a form or activism or just hatred?

* Sheikh Dan Fodio was displeased with the leaders during his time. He knew the Shariah does not justify injustice, so, he fought the leaders, not the law.

* The rich that evades justice should not be too glad. Perhaps, their getting away with their unislamic ways under the Shari’ah may be a sign of Allah’s anger upon them. This maybe so because they would fall into more errors and misguidance that they would forget to repent and seek Allah till their death.

Therefore, that the rich bypass the Shari’ah law in the North may be a result of Allah’s wrath upon them.

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Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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