Israeli forces have seen to the end of a legless man from Palestine after firstly rendering him lame for life when he lost his legs during a missile attack on Gaza.

Several Pakistanis had thronged the Gaza border linking Palestine to Israel to announce their dissatisfaction with the decision made by American President, Donald Trump who announced his recognition of Jerusalem, a supposed Palestinian city as the capital of Israel. The announcement sparked furious reactions from every part of the world with a UN Envoy tagging it a “kiss of death” while many Arab leaders have also weighed in with their discontentment with the flagrant decision made by the controversial American President. Russia and the European Union have also blamed the reasoning behind the decision with Palestinians ready to give their all to make a difference to the flammable call.

Palestinians had flooded the border hoping to get a respite and it was in the course of their struggle that the Israeli forces shot a man they had rendered legless a few years ago, also during a protest.

Abu Thuraya lost his legs during protest and never stopped till he was killed by the Israeli forces.

Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, who had lost both legs during a protest was killed alongside four other protesters and was placed in an ambulance before being taken to the hospital. There were images of other protesters carrying his dead body on their shoulders as they battled for their future.

The Israeli Military said over 3500 Palestinians had invaded the border between Israel and Palestine in Gaza. According to the Daily Mirror, there were also 150 people injured during the protests as the Palestinians hurled rocks at the Israeli Forces while they returned with gun shots.

Hamas, an Islamic group who have shown a resolve to never unite with Israel had launched an attack which was seized by the Israeli Military before the Israeli forces retaliated.

Wheelchair-bound Abu Thuraya was known for always being at the forefront of protests before being killed in a death that asks questions over the position of the U.N in its quest to end abuse of human rights.

Jerusalem was a city annexed by Israel to Palestine after the 1967 Jordan war. The city inhabits people of different faiths as Muslims, Christians and other believers are found there. Palestine had set plans in motion to name Jerusalem  as the capital of a future Palestinian State before Donald Trump did what the rest of the world considers as extreme, myopic and needless.




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