Without any argument, General overseers of blooming churches today are living in comfort. They are not just comfortable, but also live extravagantly. Buying private jets, personal limousines, expensive gadgets, without having any other job than the church. While some members of their congregation are so poor, that they cannot afford two meals per day, yet it is compulsory to pay tithes and offerings which keeps going into the already filled pockets of the G.Os.


However, an average regular church goer is expectant of one miracle or the other, as all problems are believed to be attacks from enemies. In the desperate quest for miracles to conquer the enemies who are thought to be the cause of the challenges and problems they are facing, members of the congregation go to any length to provide whatever that is needed. For example, a woman who has been barren for 20years would by all means provide whatever amount is charged once there is assurance of miraculously having a child even if hysterectomy has been carried out on her.


This video here shows one of such General overseers, Pa Micheal Ashimolowo asking his members to pay ridiculous amounts in respect to the number of years they have lived. He went further to separate those who would be using dollars, naira or both to give “Thanks to the Lord”. What exactly does one’s age has to do with God’s service and how much they give in return.


No where in the scripture does it say to collect such amount of money in such manner, rather we found where Jesus even cursed those collecting tithes (Mathew 23:23). Perhaps Pa Ashimolowo might be able to provide such evidences from His own Bible.

Having one challenge or the other shouldn’t make us so desperate in search of solution that lies solely with the Creator. Everyone on Earth cannot be rich at the same time, we cannot be sick at the same time,we cannot be healthy at the same time. These natural phenomena called challenges are what make life meaningful and reflective for us. However when hurdles beckon, Only the Creator who caused it to happen can remove the hardship, as no one has the knowledge of the unseen.


We at knowislam.com.ng invites Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and every other Christian out there to Islam where clerics don’t live on members sweat in the name of service to God which has no scriptural basis.


On a final note, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is free to refute this allegations by providing biblical evidence(s) which support this ostensible extortive act.





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