Time To Rise

Say no to rape, say no to rape!” but you cannot hold yourself from watching pornography when the urge overcomes you, yet, you feel you would be able to hold yourself when you see a ‘free practical’ class?

Over the years, I have seen atheists ask what use religious worship, education and temples are, when built instead of schools that offer secular education and teach science.
This is the time to ask what science has to offer to quell the flame of racism and surging rape cases.
Religion – or at least – Islam has never been an enemy of science, and real Islamic scholars would never play down the importance of acquiring secular education and learning science, however, when atheists begin to ask for more than we can offer – when they begin to ask for our full devotion; for the diversion of the time spent worshipping God and teaching about the fear of God to ‘productive’ things, then we will have to ask what science has to offer as solution to such issues that we have plaguing our world now.

This is the time for our atheist, secularist, liberal and islamo-liberal neigbours to understand the preciosuness of all the energy and time invested in teaching children Suuratu Yuusuf – the story of the Prophet who shelved his desire for a woman – our of fear for God – even when the woman gave her consent, and then he went on to be rewarded by God.

Time to appreciate the hours we spend memorizing the farrwell sermon of the Prophet – where he said – and we believe God stamped – that “No race or color has superiority over another”

This is the time to appreciate the haidth which relates the transgression which will never be overlooked or forgiven by God – no matter how much good deeds one presents – as any transgression committed agaisnt a fellow creation; how would one who understands that rape a woman? How would he rape a powerless woman when he knows and believes in the haidth of a man that was punished in the grave because he walked by someone who was being oppressed and he never helped?

This is the time to appreciate the days we spend fasting, praying, kneeling, waking up at night to pray to Allah to increase our belief in him and the day of resurrection; would one who truly believes in these two and knows of those narrations commit such grievous offences?

This is also the time for our very own teachers to understand that we need more than just memorizing the texts, more than just forcing the kids to pray, we need to spend time, quality time inculcating firm belief in God and the last day in our minds.

This is the time for our sisters to rethink their decisions not to devote their time to staying back to consciously raise and inculcate the fear of Allah in their kids, the time to rethink dumping their kids in schools where they just memorize texts but have no time to make the texts have any impact on them.
The time to learn, learn, learn about the religion, so you can explain to your child that forgiving one’s brothers is not the only moral in Suuratu Yusuf; that subduing one’s desire out of fear and love for God is also one.
Time to know that the future generations are in your hand, you, yes you!

This is the time to know that education that can’t stop you from cutting the breath of a fellow human is not enough, time to know that any form of education that can not teach your child to restrain his desire to watch porn, but rather teaches him he has the freedom to do whatever he likes, will never be enough to stop him from rape.

Lan Ray Hasan


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