Rashidat Waheed, wife to Imam Sanni K. Yusuf wrote her husband a public piece that left many Facebookers in awe. Polygamy today has been met with dread, no thanks to Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood and other -woods. Also, the bastardization of polygamy by those who hide under Islam has led to many seeing a polygamous family as a disaster.

Imam Sanni K., and his wives have shown us the difference between cultural Islam practices and practices that are based on the Islamic culture. In cultural Islam setting, polygamy is devoid of the fear of Allah, yet, the participants lay claim to Islam. On the other hand, Polygamy based on Islamic Culture is one that the participants obey what Allah has ordered and here, in these letters, there is a practical example.

The wife wrote her husband;

To my love, Kay Yusuf Sanni

You remember when we freshly got married?

12 years ago like yesterday

Then, I was in my semi-final year in the university

Almost everyone on campus was aware of our love story

That some even tagged us, “Best Couple of the Year”

I could remember when we had our first child

That someone asked you why you were always moving about with your wife

The person even said you would soon get tired of going out with me

He said the love would fade off after we might have had more kids

But Allah proved him and people like him wrong

After five kids, our love is even stronger

That people believed you could never marry another woman

Some even blackmailed you that you told them you would never marry again

Just because they were jealous of your good relationship with your wife

Some even said your wife would never allow you take in another wife

Because they felt we were so attached to each other

Here we are today, alhamdulillah!

When you told me you wanted to bring in another woman

And you said it was Lillah

Who was I to question Allah’s decree?

Even though I was afraid of the unknown

I have trust in Allah with prayers

Alhamdulillah, since you started the plan

Till where we are today

I never have any cause to regret my support for you

Because of your good manners and fear of Allah which is always your guide

I hope and pray you continue this way

I hope and pray you better your best

Then, I will have no cause to narrate polygyny the negative way

My love for you increased even after our marriage turned polygynous

I can feel yours too, because I have your love thermometer

May Allah protect, guide and guard us

May He protect our home from evil eyes.


Your love,

Rashidat Waheed


The newly-wedded wife wrote the wife back;




Aunty Rashidah Waheed Sanni

I remember the day I was introduced to you as a would-be co-wife.

Out of pity and respect, I couldn’t look at you in the eye.

I felt guilty and sad for coming to marry your husband whom you love so dearly.

My eyes were full of tears – not as a sign of weakness but a sign of my pure and unadulterated love for you, Ummu Royyan.

You made me not ashamed of those tears.

I remember you held my hands and said, “O Khadijah, stop crying, my dear. You did nothing wrong. He proposed to you, and you accepted. You have no fault. For my husband to have proposed to you, that means he loves you. All I want from you is the fear of Allah. Feel free and stop crying. Aye o pare😊.”

Those words were heavy in my heart.

I know it hurts and I understand the pains of sharing one’s husband with another woman, but you accepted the decree of Allaah on you.

Dear Aunty Tope, I promise to never let you regret accepting and trusting me, bi idhnillah.

Accepting and being content with what Allaah has decreed for us is an attribute of a true believer.

Abu Faatimah (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) said: Allaah wrote down the decrees of creation fifty thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth.He said: And His Throne was upon the water.

I’m so grateful to have you as a co.

You are a gem. I love you lillahi wa rasulihi. Because I genuinely love our husband, Imam Kay Yusuf Sanni , and I have to love all what he loves, I love you so much, aunty mi.

The Messenger of Allaah said: ‘If one of you loves his brother, let him tell him’.

JazakumuLlahu khayran for the gift you welcomed me with. I love it. It looks so perfect on me😊🥰😘. Thank you very much, ma.

From Omoniyi Khadijah
Olori baba imam, Rashidat Waheed Sanni 😊😊💙


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