Today we got a report from IMO NYSC camps that Muslim Women are being stripped, by cutting their hijabs, and also cutting their long trousers into shorts while it is on their body in public!

Again our Christian Ladies in NYSC camp Ebonyi State, whom their religious sensibilities does not permit them to wear trousers are being decamped.

Also Ladies in general who are modest enough not to want their thighs on display are being subjected to public ridicule and embarrassment by being forced to wear the white shorts!

The Right to Dignity of Human Person is guaranteed by the 1999 constitution!
It states “Every person is entitled to respect of his/her dignity. No person shall be subjected to torture or inhuman treatment, be held in slavery or servitude or be required to perform forced or compulsory labour.”

While the NYSC is a laudable initiative, the manner it is being conducted especially with regards to women is anything but laudable!

Are we trying to say you cannot remain modest and uphold your Right to Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion and also serve your country?

The Federal Government MUST as a matter of urgency look into this matter so as not to defeat the purpose of which the NYSC was put in place.

I leave us with this picture of Nigerian Ladies partaking in the NYSC program in 1976 in their skirts and tell us why this model cannot still be used today!

Let us build a Nation where Peace and Justice shall reign.

Mutiat Orolu-Balogun
Executive Director,
Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative