I spent the most part of today at the National Mosque, Abuja where I was welcomed by lovely brothers and fathers.

I had set out in the morning to get a Dry Cleaner, Usman. He washes the clothes with his hands and irons with a charcoal iron. Someone promised him an iron. Tomorrow, I would go to him, make a video and also see if getting him a washing machine is the best idea.

Afterwards, I ordered for a bolt ride to the National Mosque. I and the driver discussed Nigerian throughout the trip. He believes Nigeria should split. Watch the video here:

On getting to the National Mosque, I was welcomed by my noble brother, Auwalu Ali, who took me to the office of Muslim Professionals in Da’wah. There, I met with fellow professionals who are committed to Da’wah.

The Muslim Professionals in Da’wah (MPD) is an association of Muslim professionals who engage in Da’wah and humanitarian services. Suprisingly, they do more and talk less.

These professionals had praised the effort of ACADIP, the humility and intelligence of Mallam Yusuf Adepoju. AlhamduliLlah I called the Mallam who greeted them and in return was showered with prayers. Islam is beautiful.

While going for Dhur, I and brother Auwalu Ali met with Sheikh Saleh Danyaro. As Allah willed, the Sheikh spoke with a Christian who later embraced Islam and was given the Shahadah by brother Auwalu Ali. He chose the name, Ilyas.

I and brother Auwalu also made a video on Brother Daud Kim. Watch;

I’ll spend a day or two more in Abuja before going to Kaduna, Kano, Katsina and Sokoto. Those who need copies of my book, “Truth for the Truth Seekers” in these States should kindly contact me.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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