That question got me fearfully stammered and I became bereft of a corresponding answer. I thought I was proverbially detailed enough, but mummy proved me wrong. I thought I was smart, but she seemed smarter. She obviously had fathomed my message but wanted the nail unambiguously hit on the head. My brilliance turned dullness gazing fixedly at the floor like a newly-apprehended criminal. How would a bomb get professionally detonated without the requisite war skills? I was apparently amateurish in the game. So prayer mode was reactivated. That was the only remedy at that delicate juncture.

“Mummy, like I said, it’s Islamically, culturally and morally wrong to touch each other without your approval. We aren’t getting any younger, and our systems are becoming irresistible of sexual urge. Ma, we need you – our parents – to help solemnise and legalize our relationship.” “How?” she asked. Apparently, I had nothing than a mere repetition. Hitting the nail on the head was rather too heavy for me. At that point, I felt like taking a walk away or getting swallowed by the earth. But I was tenacious. “After all, she would not beat me,” courage reactivated

“The only thing that can make us have sexual access to each other is to have nikaah conducted. And that cannot be done without you, ma. We can make it a palour affair for now after which we throw a big party later,” load finally dropped. “OK, no problem. I will discuss with her father. He has the final say, you know,” she replied

I couldn’t believe my ears. As against our preemption, mum was rather calm and obviously touched by my presentation. She spoke subtly and assured me of a glad tiding. I was entertained as usual, and this time, the stuff was ecstatically, euphorically and kingly devoured. If the horse were to athletically race in me, it would know no hurdle.

Madam appeared from nowhere. She must have hidden somewhere watching scenes of the suicidal movie. Mother and daughter took to a corner apparently to discuss my submission. After a while, we left for campus.

“Just tell me. Are you sure you didn’t use nakali on my mum?” she asked, surprised. “Nakali bíi bóo? People of Sunnah don’t do that. By the way, why ask?” “Mum told me all you said, and she assured that she would help convince dad to do your bidding. That’s rather amazing. Now tell me, what exactly did you do? I believe strongly that it’s not ordinary. Some spirituality must have been involved.” “You are right. I chanted innumerably the Prophet’s prayer for ease. And I did it so passionately and faithfully.” “Hmm! I thought as much because my mum couldn’t have been that simple to get to yourself. Please tell me the prayer,” she asked. “Allahumma laa sahla illa ma ja’altahu sahla wa anta taj’alul adhna idha shi’ta sahla,” I recited as she keenly listened.

Sometimes, what you consider mountainous may not have the weight of a drop of sand. What you see as difficult may be the easiest thing to achieve in life. All you probably need do is make a bold step and be prayerful alongside.

Never get dissuaded to make a move to reach your destination. The only solution to achieving your life-changing goal may be just a step forward. And it takes determination, doggedness and ruggedness to make the unimaginable happen in your life. Fear is a procrastination tool a potential achiever never falls for.

That was the first phase of the battle. Next was my dad. I needed to convince him to make my dream come through. Remember, he isn’t a Muslim. Hmm! This was more suicidal, honestly.


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