It’s show of immaturity and extreme villainy to punish the woman with starvation. Such tyranny will not quell but fuel the quarrel that might have led to the wickedness. The man too is not to be starved of sex as punishment for his wrongs. That’s equally immature and extremely villainous.

Sex is to the brain what food is to the body. Don’t ask me whose theory it is. It’s a fact known to all, including you, the inquisitive reader. If not sex – majorly – for what is marriage primarily legislated? What is that unique, distinctive phenomenon that glues the hearts of the couple if not the unscripted play acted in bed? Food gives the body the required strength for sex. Therefore, the two are inseparable twins.

It’s a matter of duty, not an option, for the man to make provision for eatables in the house even if he has issues with his wife. The duty is so obligatory that its deliberate abandonment amounts to a grievous sin. It’s equally not voluntary for the woman to make herself available to the man. It’s a compulsion which amounts to a sin if left undone.

The woman should be at the beck and call of her husband – morning, afternoon, evening and night. No is no option! It’s a taboo, an aberration except in exceptional cases such as during menstruation and in sickness. The woman should be easily sexually accessible. She should be at her husband’s finger tips. No responsible woman asks if sex is food. She should know it is a delicacy that is divinely, delectably and irresistibly packaged by her Creator for the enjoyment of, not only the man, but herself. Now you know, do not starve your husband of it.

The man must give out money for food and other obligations even if it involves dropping it somewhere noticeable in the house. That’s show of responsibility. Doing otherwise is display of unreasonability. And the woman too should get the food ready when the money is made available. The man should not be punished with food since he didn’t punish with money.

Nothing could be more maritally satanic than getting money from the man and refusing him meal to nourish his body and enrich his soul. That’s more than wickedness.

Spouses should fight like lovers, not like haters. They should fight each other to give room for another fight. They shouldn’t go bloody as planned Amotekun against the herdsmen.


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