It is sweet to announce that there is a revert. The aftermath of reverting is a phase that deals with every aspect of one’s life, most importantly spiritually.


It is frustrating when people observe Solah or make some prayers in Arabic and you can’t. How about what to say before and after eating and others.


Several times I’ve been asked, it is just about four years, how come you know so much about the Deen? Hmmmmn, let he who has ears listen (Reverts)…



There is an adage that say, “show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are”. It is almost impossible or extremely difficult to be a true Muslim if you are not in the company of the righteous.



*You never used to wake up to observe Solah before your reversion. Shaytan takes advantage of privacy. When you are in the company of the righteous who observe their five daily Solah, you cannot miss any. Gradually, it becomes a part of you.


* This religion is a religion of knowledge. Seek it if you truly want to practise the religion. Keeping company with the righteous makes it easy. With a short period of time, you get used to what to  say after you sneeze, master the number of Rakahs, what to do and what not to do.



Keep wearing your shoes from the left leg and you get corrected over and over. Drink with your left hand and you hear, “right hand, brother”. For he that wants to learn, the company of the righteous benefits and helps you put into practice the knowledge you have acquired.


* Before you are greeted with good morning… Sneeze and your say nothing… Lose what belongs to you and you lament.. See something surprising and you go, “Oh God”. Keeping company with the righteous makes learning these aspects of the Deen for you.


“Salam alaykum WarahmatuLLAHI Wabarakatuhu, AlhamduliLlah, InnaliLahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un, SubhanAllah, Maa shaa Allah” become a part of you.


No wonder when I met my former pastor, he asked how I am, I replied, “Alhamdulillah”… He said we will see later, I  replied, “In shaa Allah” and these are a part of me. The company of the righteous.


* Anyone that has ever tasted the sweetness of ‘Eeman knows that woe is on him the moment he begins to lose it. Being in the company of the righteous upgrades your’ Eeman


* Do you perceive not how blessed you are? If guidance is for sale, the richest man cannot afford it!


It is the mercy of Allah that makes you practise the religion. How unfortunate is the unguided in that he sees five daily Solah as a problem but finds easy, morning and evening devotion, Sunday school, Sunday service, Bible study, digging deep, crusade, vigil, monthly night of thanksgiving.


Will you not appreciate this guidance oh Muslimah! Can the tale of woe that lie in misguidance be better told when she finds it difficult to observe Solah but spends her earnings on fixing nails, eye lashes eyebrows drawn like the wing of a bird, how must misfortune does she buy with her money in that she buys and applies the heavy makeup and the only reason she has for not observing her Solah is because she cannot afford to clean the makeup and apply it again.



* Dear revert, Know! Know that this religion cannot be practised upon ignorance. How vain will you try to be righteous than the prophet (pbuh)! With zeal, you will fast without breaking it, go 6 Rakah during your fajr, “I want to be so righteous”, so is your thought, when knowledge comes to you, you will say, “Indeed, this  religion is perfected already”. Such is the virtue of knowledge.



* The company of the righteous is better for you spiritually. The righteous are those that enjoin good and forbid evil. Though you will ever remain imperfect but imagine how many of your imperfections will fade away after not displaying them for a while because of shyness. How blessed are the righteous, they make you sad reflect over your sins, with constant reminders.



* Know! Know!! Know!!! Know that no one learns with pride and this religion is not a Religion of ignorance. By Allah, I have been led over and over in Solah by a  boy not in his teen. He is the Imam and he also calls the Iqamah. Months later, the same boy would come to say, “Ustadh, please correct my error in this Recitation”. Allahu Akbar!



* This religion is not one that encourages creating an illusion for yourself. Allahu Akbar!!!


Not long that I started writing that people started calling me Sheikh, Ustadh.


“What Sheikh or Ustadh does not know Alif or committed to memory a juz of the Qur’an?”, I thought to myself. I left Lagos for Osun and then Ilorin in search of knowledge even when time does not permit.


Had I been in an illusion people created for me, I might have thought knowledge of the deen has come to me whereas I am of those who know not!!!


* For how long will you blame your ignorance on your reversion but a while!!! A year old revert will become a revert of 20 years (if Allah wills), how doth time fly, how then shall you blame your ignorance on 20 years?



May Allah bless Alhaji Isola Adepoju, Mallam Yusuf Adepoju and the entire Adepoju Allah especially Adepoju Ibrahim, I  have not troubled anyone to listen to my recitation as much as I have done to him, may Allah preserve Tijani Naseem on Khayr. Ameen.



Dear revert, seek “proper” knowledge of the Deen and do not distant yourself from the company of the righteous.


I have had several failed Arabic classes and attempts to study in a standard environment is not that easy. May Allah aid the ‘Ummah to make learning easy for reverts willing to have knowledge of the Deen before their zeal fade off. Submitted an application to Islamic University, Medina since 2015, may Allah make it a success. Ameen.



In shaa Allah, I plan to spend the remaining five months in 2017 studying  4-5 prominent scholars of the religion. I’ll spend not more than month with each of these scholars.


I know but few. Kindly make suggestions, two preferably from the North. I’ll gather the names and let’s see who is ready to teach and host. May Allah make it easy. Ameen.


Islam is a religion of knowledge and no company is better than that of the righteous.


Oh Revert, Heed! If you are single, make use of it before you get married. ?


May Allah make it easy for you. Ameen.



Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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