The KnowIslam Project hosted born Muslims and reverts for ‘Eid. For the reverts, we held an exclusive gathering where each person narrated their experiences.

We had sister Victoria whose first day of using the Niqab was to our hosting. Sadly, the sister wasn’t on Niqab because she now decides to wear Niqab, rather, she wore it because her face had been battered by her husband’s first wife a week before.

The sister who now regretfully lives with her Christian parents was asked to convert to Islam by her now-to-be-divorced husband. Sadly, the husband is very liberal while the husband’s first wife practices syncretism. The sister had faced oppression on account of using the jilbab and efforts to practice Islam.

One brother Adebayo, a Christian was also present. We briefly discussed Islam and Christianity. To him, both religions are not different and acceptable to God. Responding to his disposition, I showed him how such omnisitc belief could plunge one into paradoxes.

“If on Friday, you go to Mosque and the Imam reads Allah is one and on Sunday, you go to Church where the Pastor reads, “God the father, son and Holy spirit or the Imam says Jesus was not crucified while the Pastor says otherwise, how do we reconcile that?”

Today, we received a report of another revert with five children. If the case would be treated someday, it is really a story of faith on trial.

May Allah eases the affairs of reverts to Islam and guide the truth seekers. Aameen.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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