So, Emmanuel Macron, the next French president is now the 21st century hero who married his wife at 55 when he was 30 years about ten years ago. The wife now 64 and Emmanuel Macron, 39.
But Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) marriage to Khadeejah in the 7th century is not worthy of being sung? 
We will continue telling our Muslim brothers and sisters suffering from low esteem that no matter what you do to please the disbelievers, they will never be pleased with you and nothing makes sense except it is western. 
3+3 is not equal to 6 so far it is Islamic but 5+1 = 6 so far it is western. 
Beheading murderers is barbaric but throwing pebbles called bullets at them is humane. 
Islam is archaic because it says don’t smoke, but thanks to the ministry of health that ways smokers are liable to die young. 
When Islam says do this and all scholars agree, some will look for one heretic ‘Scholar’ with PHD in Islam studies as an excuse. 
One day, when some fundamental teachings of Islam some ‘mozlems’ reject are celebrated by the non-Muslims we pray it will not be too late. 
Sirnucy Lafiagi wrote, ” A Muslim is neither desperate to live in this world or leave it” 
Indeed, not desperate to live as what we have in this dunya are trials and corruption, not desperate to leave because one essence of being alive is to do more good deeds and seek more repentance. 
The way Islam maintains a balance between life and death, so does it maintain balance between liberalism and extremism. 
Islam, our pride, their fear… 
Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman @


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