— Abubakar Aasiya Eleojo (Qalbin Muneeb)

“Indeed the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam”(Qur’an 3: 19).

From the root ‘س’ and ‘ل’ and ‘م’
Sprouts the stem of the deen;
Budded with a ‘م’
Emerges the word ; Muslim.
The blessed one who submits.
A submission to none but Allah.

Allah, the one.
He is Allah, the great.
His greatness is of the greatest magnitude.
His full description’s nothing you know.
Never have you seen Al Baseer
Always does He see you.
Strive hard for His Jannah
And by His permission shall you see Al Qawiyy.
The greatest joy in Jannah indeed.

His deen you might find a bit odd
Or maybe really unusual
But trust me, it isn’t a cod.
It is the true order of Allah
For all true good it gives a prod.

People say Islam’s no fun
And only has things we’re to shun.
But, that’s untrue, it only says khayr be done
To merit a world of stun
Spring, wine, honey, milk
Unperceivable beauty, solely worship and pleasure.

Here, you could be nothing of a cornerstone
For you, a nonexistent anemone
But here is the deen ; Islam.
Reminds we’ll go on an ineluctable trip
That too, all alone.
Taking aboard no wealth
Tells us to live devout
Only so on the day, we won’t bemoan.

Islam, a Muslim’s backbone
More precious than a gemstone.
By this dunya we are not blown
Coz we know it’s not our own.
So we lead our lives each day
Trying to please Allah
For we know,
That’s the way to His Jannah.
And though we are laid with trials and tests,
Some we pass, others we fail
His mercy does forever prevail.

A plague afflicts a multitude amongst us
We loosen up ourselves,
We do not follow the commands of Al A’zeez.
We’re way too forgetful
And almost never regretful.

Al Hakam destroyed Fir’aun, Ad and Thamud
His anger at us may be only accrued.
We memorize He’s Ghafuur-ur-Raheem
But discard He’s shadidul iqab.

How about we awaken?
And become more pleasing to our Rabb.
We make Jihad our life’s goal,
Not with swords and shields
But with iman and taqwa.

How about we remind ourselves always
That angels sit on both our shoulders
They write and write and write and write.
The dunya’s not but an essay
Thus, egresses one of two;
Eoinian dolour
Or eternal bliss.
The bliss we yearn for, so shun Iblis.

Iblis, the rajim.
As sly as a Fox
Certainly accursed.
Cleverer than the tortoise,
Tries to take us from being orthodox,
But His plan is weak.
Allah Himself said so.

So at the time of trials,
When pain and cataclysms thrive
And at the times of tests
When Shaytan seems powerful
Do not fear and do not grieve
You have the deen of Allah
You have the greatest wealth
The Shaytan can’t beat you.

Wanna know what’s best?
The deen’s perfectly downright.
No mistakes, no errors, just a guide
To ensure you get home with pride.

Put your trust in Allah
Have faith, work hard, bear sabrun jameel, beautiful patience.
Allah will help you overcome it all.
He won’t forsake you.
He only wants to test you.
So long as you stay good
And always make istighfar,
He’ll be with you always.
For He is Al-Raqeeb, the caretaker.

— Qalbin Muneeb


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