They said we are backward,

Because we cover up,

This statement is awkward,

Can you please shut up?

The Hijab that is giving you headache,

It’s giving us headways,

We ain’t gonna change our ways,

You had better look away.

Hijab is more than a head covering,

It’s a commandment from our Lord,

To whom belongs all of Glories,

With Revelations from the Qur’an and Sunnah,

Practised by our Pious Predecessors,

Whom the successors should follow without sorrow.

Lemme tell you a story,

This isn’t a super story,

Neither cock and bull story,

It’s a true life story,

Go and read about our mothers’ history.

They were the best of women,

Married to the best of mankind,

Surrounded by the best companions,

During the best generation,

Adoring the best clothing,

Assured the best place in hereafter,

Don’t you wanna emulate the best?

The other day,

I stumbled upon an image in “Hijab”,

Exposing her cleavage,

This is defamation of our image,

She’s not from our lineage,

We condemn her image.

The Hijab gat some requirements,

Like other acts of Ibaadah,

Ikhlaas, sincerity of intention being the first,

Al-Mutaba’ah, following the prophet succeeds the first.

Hijab must cover the entire body,

An outer-garment covering the undergarments,

Concealing everything one can prey on,

Revealing the face and hands alone,

Subjecting it to difference of opinions,

My humble opinion is to conceal all.

Hijab must be long and loose-fitting,

Not body hugged like the ones worn by whore,

But the ones worn by Queen, Princess and

Precious damsel,

Hiding the figure 8 shape,

Showing the bosom and the booty not,

It’s Jelbaab and not Jelboobs.

Hijab mustn’t be transparent,

Opaque: not see through,

The thicker the better,

Not restricted to any colour,

Black, Blue, Green or brown colour,

Black colour seems to be better.

Truly, black absorbs heat,

Am afraid of the great heat,

Only Allah can save from it,

We seek His refuge from being consumed by it.

Hijab mustn’t be attractive,

No design, make it plain,

It should draw no attention,

The moment you call non-Mahram attention,

It may lead to tension, confusion and concentration,

Then, you might have to answer some questions.

Hijab mustn’t resemble the garments of men,

Nor imitate the garments of Kuffaar,
It’s a unique garment,

An ornamental garments for rare gems.

The Hijab mustn’t be perfumed,

Perfume is used indoor,

Scent is unwelcomed outdoor,

You gat to change the odour,

Otherwise, be a female fornicator.

O’Allah, Elevate those custodian of chastity,

Who perserve their modesty,

Forgive their iniquities,

Assist the majority,

Who think they gat immunity,

Ease for us Your injuctions,

Make us comply without any objection.


©Abu Mus’ab B.A.M.


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