Most times, when we talk or write against half nudity, many say that it is the heart that matters. Indeed. The fact that no one will deny the fact that dressing half nakedness contributes to moral decadence is one reason why it should be curbed. 

In an attempt to curb dressing half nude, all fingers point to the girl child. This article does not in any way against educating the girl child about the detriments of dressing half nude, rather it suggests another way to curb this shenanigan in our society today. 

Have we thought of educating the boy child? Yes, him!!! Not to make use of much lines, I’ll go straight to the point. 
One reason why dressing half naked in now rampant especially in the African society is because it is on demand. It is a fact that many of these girls in skimpy skirts have snatched many married men from their wives. 

The boy child should be taught to go for the brain instead of the face and legs. If men begin to go for the brain, many of our Lady celebrities will never ever have a place in the society. 
In a world where men are captivated and enticed by the brain instead of the cleavages, I see more slay queens receiving senses. 

As much as the girl child needs to be educated, education the boy child is a more effective at helping the situation. 

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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