This article was published in 2017.

I was at GTBank, Taiwo Branch, Ilorin, Kwara state this afternoon. While on the queue waiting to be attended to, A man walked up to me, he offered me a tract titled “God’s purpose for you” by Enoch Adeboye in his hand to which I said, “I don’t need it, thank you”, then the following conversation ensued…


Man: My brother, it is a gift.

Me: Thank you but I don’t want.

Man: It is not for sale my brother.

Me: I heard you right when you said it is a gift and I know people don’t sell gifts.

Man: But  why don’t you want to collect this gift?

Me: Because it is not compulsory to collect the gift. Moreover, I do not need to read this before I know God’s purpose for me or my purpose on earth. God said in Qur’an 51:56 that He has created us to worship him alone and as for God’s purpose for us, He best knows as he is the disposer of all affairs.

Man: my brother, You’re just speaking English, you haven’t said anything. If you want to enter UNILORIN, won’t you know the duration you want to spend?

Me: Of course, I will but it might be affected by strike that I may spend longer than the time I thought. However, this is about God, No one on this earth is clairvoyant nor the seer of the unseen to the extent of knowing how long we’ll spend on earth. God’s purpose for us is known by him alone and it is disbelieve that can make us want to see what he has for us. We can only pray he directs our step.

Man: You see, we need to know those who will make paradise after death because live doesn’t end here.

Me: I know and I’ll tell you. Those who will make paradise and God would be pleased with and they with him are those who have faith, do righteous deeds. And no one has faith except he believes on God, and no one truly believes in God till he fears Him and no one’s fear of God has been made manifest till it drives him to submit totally to God’s will by being of those who prostate in worship, believing in the messengers from Adam to Noah to Moses to Jesus to Muhammad (peace be upon them all) etc..

Man: (smiling)

Me: (got attended to)

After I was attended to, A man shook me and introduced himself as Mr Lukman and said, “I really enjoyed your argument brother”

Let me extract a lesson from the story.

You see, the best way to way peace of mind in our endeavours is to doing things with sincere intention.

Note that, immediately I finished with the man, I turned and faced my business. If I had taken that man up because I want people in the banking hall to applaud me, I could have been so disappointed because no one uttered a word. But because I never thought of gaining their commendation, I was at peace with myself.

I was about heading out when the Mr Lukman came to commend me and I was like Alhamdulillah Bro. Hence, that you do something for Allah’s sake does not mean people will not commend you, the advantage is you won’t worry yourself with whether they do or not.. So therefore,

Do something with the intention of pleasing people = Get commended or not and receive no divine reward.

Do something for Allah’s sake = Get commended or not and receive divine rewards as it will be counted as good deeds for you.

“And those whose weight of good deeds is found to be heavy, will be in a life of good pleasure and satisfaction ”

I’ve just tried to make sense out of ” A MILD DRAMA ”

Imagine if Muslims go about preaching inside banks, public buses etc, they’d call us fanatics… They’re preaching in Ilorin banks, for that matter!

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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