I was at the National headquarter of The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) today for a confirmation of result. I went to the customer service center and a lady attended to me.

She asked for what use and I said: “for international use”. She asked, “What country?, I replied” Saudi Arabia “. She looked at me with concerned and pitiful eyes and asked why would anyone go to Saudi Arabia where there’s so much bombing”.

I made her understand that Saudi Arabia is not Iraq or Syria. And as a matter of fact, Saudi Arabia is peaceful than America, Mexico, and even Nigeria. I went further, “all that is happening there in Syria and Iraq is politics. Does it make sense if a minority group starts killing the majority claiming they are preaching true Islam to the majority by killing them?. If they end up killing the majority who would practice the version of Islam this minority group is preaching”. That was the beginning of the drama.

The lady concurred, smiled and wished me luck. As I was about to move out, her colleague (a male) asked if I’m Christian or Muslim. I told him I am a Muslim once a Christian. He asked, “how many minutes do you have?”. I replied, “As much as you want”. With that, he offered me a seat.

He asked me to narrate why I reverted. The lady was also paying attention from her chair. I started with the Bible. If the authenticity of the Bible cannot be proved, if the Bible is proved to be unreliable, then there’s a problem with Christianity. 66 books in the protestant Bible, 73 Books in the Catholic Bible, 61 books in the Syrianic version etc. If the Bible was from God, which of these Bibles. By now, other staff were coming to listen.

I went on to give him some little contradictions in the Bible e.g, the age of Ahaziah in the KJV Bible, 22 or 42, how old was Ahaziah when he began to reign. (2Kings 8: 26 versus 2 Chronicles 22:2)

He mentioned to me that Christians are not concerned about letters but what is revealed by the Spirit. That prompted me to ask him where would he pick his story from if I ask him about whom Jesus was. The spirit or the letter? By this time, we have not just attracted the attention of the staff, those who had something to do in the organization were listening too.

I went on to tell him that singing, clapping, dancing is not the right way to worship God-given that Jesus never ordered Christians to do so rather he was reported to have bowed down in worship according to Matthew 26:39.In Matthew chapter 4, the devil was recorded to have tempted Jesus. He took Jesus to an exceedingly high mountain and showed him the kingdoms of the world.

This is a scientific error as no one can see the other continent even by standing on the mountain Everest. He argued the temptation was spiritual. I said, “If the temptation was spiritual, there would be no need of taking him to an exceedingly high mountain moreover, when the devil asked Jesus to jump down if he’s a son of God, did the devil meant a spiritual mountain?. The customer care lady resorted to laughing at her colleague’s dumbness.

The devil asked Jesus to bow for him, why not singing and dancing?

One of those who came to do something in the organization turned listener asked me, How many times was Muhammad mentioned in the Quran. I instantly knew what game he was trying to play. I said I can’t remember but I can remember Jesus was mentioned more than him same as the devil and also Moses hence destroying his Mario Joseph’s game. He ended up looking silly.

Another staff (a female) said, “YOU ARE A FANATIC”.

I said, “Fanatics are always aggressive and as you can see I am not. Who is a fanatic if not someone who gets on the bus and starts preaching Jesus is Lord. Who is a fanatic if not someone who knocks on your door and says he wants to share the word of God with you. I’m not a fanatic because I never started the conversation “…

We discussed many things. The customer care lady and the man who questioned me eventually collected my number for future discussions.

I left them with an assignment, In John 1:19-21, there was a prophet not mentioned by name. Please ask the holy spirit. The same goes for other Christians.

Article first published in 2016.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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