I read Kperogi’s profound article with excitement. I am happy to know that Yoruba Muslims are finally alerted to the hatred bored against them by their Christian neighbours. I have always proclaimed this fact, that in this country, a Yoruba Muslim could hardly survive.

If he doesn’t rely upon his christian neighbour for success, he’s always at the mercy of his northern Muslim brother for relevance. People hardly care about his right. I am happy to have proudly earned terrible names for proclaiming this irrefutable axiom.

Some people called me a religious jingoist; others declared that I am a tribal chauvinist. But with the recent experience of one Sikiru [sic]  Adebowale in the hands of Mr. Femi Osibona, it’s vividly clear now that the Quranic words are absolute truths.

“Neither the Jew, nor the Christians will ever be pleased with you, unless you follow their path…” Says the Quran (Q2:120). By implication, those Christian fanatics amongst your friends; neighbours; spouses; in-laws; siblings and your extended family members are, in actual fact, not your friends, unless you become one of them.

I was born and reared in one of the most active neighborhood of Lagos – Mushin/Itire/Lawanson/Surulere axis; and I grew up listening to our pure-hearted Imams, my father inclusive, referring to our Christian neighbours as our brothers in other faith.

The Muslim clergy had thus sincerely planted the love of our enemies in spotless tabula rasa, while the church leaders in Lagos sang the chorus on their pulpits that Muslims are works of the devil, meant for Orun apaadi.

Subhaanallahi, the Yoruba Christians are wicked, wallahi!

However, the people I pity in the circles of Yoruba Muslims are those liberal minds whose belief in humanity outweighs their allegiance to Allah and His Messenger. If your enemies chose to deal with you, they wouldn’t even care whether your own religious practice is merely domiciled in the heart. They deal with you with the sounds of your name.

This hatred is deep. A few months ago, a youth corps member who happened to be a Yoruba Christian was posted to serve in a farm at Kuje/Gwagwalada Area of Abuja. Her father then accompanied her to submit her letter. On seeing a mosque situated inside the farm and the farm supervisor dolling hijab, the man immediately requested that his daughter be rejected.

He did not even make the request in a humble manner. Rather, he was so aggressive, shouting above his voice, that his daughter would never work in an environment where a mosque is situated and a female staff donned hijab. The scene was so embarrassing that the farm chairman was provoked and felt like sacking all other christian workers in the farm. But he resisted the temptation!

I Pray that Allah shall not put your meal ticket in the hands of a Yoruba Christian fanatic, for that could be the worst trial for any reasonable Muslim in Yoruba land. We must learn to close our ranks and stop this whirlwind of abusive yabbling on social media. Let’s think ahead of today. The enemies of your religion are not your friends!

O’ Allah, honour Islam and the Muslims all over the world!


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