One major ‘sin’ of Islam against the present-day Kuffar system is that it refuses to mix though it meets with the system.

Unlike the church where stadiums have replaced churches, entertainment replaced praise and worship, the Muslims have refused to be ‘civilized’

Islam still holds on to polygyny, no charging of interests, frowns at Alcohol, and of course, against walking around naked which emanated from the west.

These are not just in Islam, the Bible endorses them too but the Church… The church compromised, sold not civilized.

Islam and the present day Kuffar system remain two sides of a coin that meet but do not mix till hijab is a thing forgotten just like Mary’s, polygyny is history, unlike David’s, Abraham’s, Jacob’s even at the expense of many unmarried females and Fitnah spreads. Of course, the more the Fitnah, the stronger the Kuffar system.

The Kuffar system cannot be pleased with Islam till the Imam chants adkhar with a bottle of alcohol, Masjids are built on interest loans, many female Imams, the bearded Salafi brother is on TV, singing hip hop, rocking girls’ behind and the Imam sees him as bringing development to the Masjid.

I can go on and on. SubhanAllah! The Dunya is indeed a prison for the believer. Islam is a threat to the Kuffar system till it compromises. A compromise called civilization that if properly studied, we can as well ask, civilization or civi-lie-zation?

It is this hatred for Islam that necessitated calling Muslims terrorists, a Shari’ah-imposing-ideology. Can it be worse when people are free to be naked but fined to be covered. The present-day Kuffar system demeans and disparages Islam that whatever is attributed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is seen as primitive, barbaric, archaic even when they are rational and logical.

Let us not forget that no one has a monopoly of defining what is barbaric, primitive or archaic. Hundreds of years ago, were people not see as barbarians for being almost naked with the British covered, how then is wearing a Khimar, Niqab primitive in 2018 and walking around in bum shorts, backless clothing a definition of civilization?

There is indeed much wisdom in “The disbelievers will not be pleased with us till they take our religion from us”. Do know that a religion might be taken away from people yet they identify themselves with the religion. Christianity today is extinct. It is very difficult to reconcile modern-day Christianity with the Bible!

Ahmad Thompson was right when he said the present-day Kuffar system is Dajjal the phenomenon before Dajjal the person.

I think it is good to present the Messiah and the dajjal as a cultural, social and political phenomenon respectively before the advent of The Messiah the person and Dajjal the person.

The present Kuffar system stands as a representative for the Dajjal as a cultural, social and political phenomenon while Islam being a guide for Mankind stands as a representative for The Messiah as a cultural, social, and political phenomenon. It may interest one as to why such comparison is made but the answer is not far-fetched.

The war against Islam by the Present Kuffar System is at its climax, these wars being carried out via the media, educational and monetary system, mode of dressing, even masterminding the destruction of Islam countries etc. While the war keeps rising, the growth of Islam speeds up at a higher rate in the presence of the war. A Victory against the Dajjal system.

In the Kuffar system, getting to the court of law, the witness is given a Bible or Qur’an to swear that he would say the truth. Interesting to note that the two books forbid Usury and this Usury is being authorized by the Court.

While Christianity on her own had been downplayed, the Christians incorporated into the Dajjal system, they do not talk against Usury hence Islam being the only faith on earth standing openly and vehemently kicking against such practice. This adds to why the Kuffar system is trying to eradicate Islam, brainwashing the People but never telling them how life would be without Usury. The Messiah versus Dajjal.

The Kuffar system is such that generates a lot of revenue from the brewery and distillery companies. It is an open secret that Islam is totally against the drinking of Alcohol. So, if 80% of the entire world population are “GOOD” Muslims, the Kuffar system would run into billions of dollars as loss because there would be drastic decrease in the consumption of alcohol as well as cigarettes hence there needs war against Islam to stop it from spreading, all their efforts being futile. On the good part, in the absence of alcohol, there would be a decrease in rape and crime cases and also the rate of irresponsible parents. The Messiah versus Dajjal.

While Islam stresses saying the truth, the Kuffar system is such a system that dwell on lies and conspiracy ranging from raising the false flag to demonizing Islam and Muslims. It is in this system that the truth sounds preposterous and the speaker of the truth looks like a raving lunatic.

The Kuffar system is the one we live in today. Abnormalities are considered abnormal and when you don’t get with the flow, you’re considered archaic or being an extremist. Fornication, nudity, prostitution, drugs, immorality, bestiality, homosexuality, usury are the order of the day in the Kuffar system.

The Kuffar system is such a system that create Wars to keep its weapons selling. They create diseases to sell medicines to keep the millions of yearly made medical professionals working.

The answer to the question “Why do they hate Islam?” is not far-fetched. I do not think they want to take the word, Islam away, they want us to be Muslims without Islam in the name of civilization, liberalism and Modernism.”

Yà Allah! Forgive us, guide us on the right path, away from the path of those who have earned your wrath. Ameen

…we can as well ask, civilization or civi-lie-zation?

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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