The Quran,

The gigantic truth,

Sum it up,

In such a little words,


Nothing really amazing,

Nothing really truthful,

Nothing at all,

Unless it is in the equation,

Wonders of the universe,

The wind is whispering,

This blow the minds away,

The heavenly tears,

The rain above,

The blessings from our Lord,

The Moon an orchestra,

The Stars are  ornament,

That make the oceans flow,

The Sun Allah’s great creation,

Give everything is light and life,

The Stars are shining,

Twinkling lights in the night,

The Northern Stars and the Southern Sea,

The greatest views,

How great is our Lord,

Allah made all things well,

The Water that flows  freely,

The Air is free,

Praise be to Him alone,

My Lord is wonderful and wise,

Allah is above all,

My Lord created all,

And all praises to Him!



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