It is unfortunate that many get offended when we expose their lies especially when we share the same religion. However, nothing gives us satisfaction than the fact that, Islam as a religion, is the truth, was not founded, propagated and established on falsehood.

In Surah As-saf, Allah said He has sent the Prophet (peace be upon him) with the religion of the truth.

Personally, I don’t buy revert stories of seeing the prophet in dreams or seeing a man in white clothing or an angel appearing to someone asking them to be Muslim. It’s a personal opinion, I get very skeptical.

Some days ago, I made a video on the lie that people should look in the Qur’an for hair, put it in water and drink. Someone commented on a YouTube channel that the owner should stop uploading my videos, he said I was arrogant and disrespectful. Who respects lies? Funny, I co-manage the YouTube channel.

Coronavirus Niqab…

I unfriended an American Muslims sister when she started to insult me on Facebook. She accused me of not having Eeman because I said we cannot specifically link the Coronavirus with a certain evil; the Chinese oppression of Muslims. Weeks later, Muslims and Muslims lands also felt the hit and heat.

Also, people have been saying Chinese banned Niqab, now, they have been forced to wear something like the Niqab. Also, they say the Coronavirus has come to say that Niqab is necessary for the females; a weak argument that does not look at protection for men.

Now, as a Muslim, why do I have to kick against a Da’wah approach like this?

One reason is that, it is unintelligible, weak, illogical and not prophetic as well as counterproductive.

To further understand, handshake is almost forbidden and warned against, right? So, how come a Coronavirus that has come to preach Niqab prevent the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

To be clearer, lies breed inconsistency, lies do not last, they cannot stand.

Look at the Christians, Jesus Christ is definitely not God but they lie. So, when you engage or question them, it is very difficult to prove the Godship of Jesus Christ.

Let’s look at these two cases…

Case A:

Q is the questioner, Burden of proof is on B…


Q: Did you say Jesus Christ is God?

B: Of course

Q: But you said he died? Does God die?

B: No, he was God in human flesh

Q: Okay, was there a God in heaven when Jesus was on earth?

B: Yes, God, the father

Q: Oh! How many Gods do we have?

B: One God

Q: Jesus or God the Father?

B: God, the father, Jesus, the son and the Holy Spirit

Q: But Moses said in  Deuteronomy 6:4 that God is one as well as Jesus in Mark 12:29? Which God was Jesus referring to?

B: There is one God, but he manifests himself in three ways

Q: I see! So, one God sent another God to save the world in John 3:16? And the sent God prayed to the God Father in the garden of Gethsemane? And the Godfather is greater than the Godson?

B: You need the Holy Spirit!!! You see, according to syntax, rule of concord, comprehension, algebra, Pythagoras Theorem, Physics of three eggs, Chemistry of unifying trinity…


Case B…

Q is the questioner, Burden of proof is on B…

Q: You said the Coronavirus is telling us the Niqab is important…

B: Yes. Look at China, they banned the Niqab, now they have to technically wear the Niqab now! They need to cover-up to be protected. The Muslimah has been protected ever since. Allahu Akbar! I’ll forward a post to you, share it to 20 people!

Q: Okay. Though the Niqab is not same as a facial mask, let me ask, men also have to be covered up the same way, do men in Islam use the Niqab too?

B: You don’t understand how Allah works!

Q: I agree. Another question please, i think you know that the WHO has advised us against handshakes now…

B: Of course and you should do that. We can’t afford to contract the virus

Q: But, handshake is Sunnatic. Is the Coronavirus anti-sunnah and pro-Niqab?

B: You don’t understand. It is only telling them to stop shaking the opposite sex!

Q: Whaaat!!!




I can authoritatively say that those who peddle lies or take advantage of situations are those who do not understand the Deen. Unfortunately, these people ignorantly accuse those who admonish them of lack of ‘Eeman when their ‘Eeman is based on ignorance.


The religion of Islam is complete. It is only a religion that is founded on lies that needs to be propagated with lies! One reason we will not stop exposing these lies is that we do not want to have converts or children who would later claim to be woke against our very many dogmas. This is why Christianity has lost it to Islam, Atheism, agnosticism and free-thinking today. The Catholic Church told a lot of lies.


Hate us or love us, we are for the truth and that truth is the truth of Islam and that religion of Islam is that taught by the Prophet (Muhammad), peace be upon him, he who was sent by Allah, the creator of all that exists.

The Coronavirus has spread all over the world. Death is a certainty and, COVID-19 is reminding us of how short we have here, those who think life is a game should have a rethink, find their creator, turn to Him in total submission (Islam) so they do not become losers in the hereafter.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman (Knowislam Project –


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