Every year, as Ramadan approaches and/or while it is ongoing, certain questions crop up from muslims, one of which is:

“Can I cook for my boyfriend?”


“Can I take foods prepared by my girlfriend for suhur and iftar?”

Each time the question surfaces, I laugh mockingly at the questioner(s), because the same question was asked the previous year, and of course, the same answer was given. So why ask again?

A soft meat, apparently, requires no knife. Boyfriend? Is there any such thing in Islam? Girlfriend? Is there any such name in Islam? NO!

Be it in Ramadan or not, Islam abhors, despises and detests boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. So the question of cooking for the fake spouse in Ramadan should not even arise, at all. As much as one may not categorically declare such a food haram, legitimising it is as difficult as haramising it.

A lady may cook for a man – no harm. A man may eat the suhur and/or iftar prepared by a woman – no harm. Intention is what matters. A student-bachelor, for instance, may eat the food(s) prepared by a student-spinster. This is just like buying a ready-made food from a female food-vendor.

Brother, sister, it is safe for you to do away with anything that is likely to affect your spirituality. If I may ask, in what capacity will you be cooking for your boyfriend? Wife, sister, neighbour or what? And as what will you be consuming your girlfriend’s delicacies? Darling hubby, brother, neighbour or what? You can’t deceive Allah, you know.

Go get married, my dear. It is not expensive.

Cook for your husband and be rewarded humongously, rather than cook for a zina-mate.

Kay Yusuf


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