Days ago, I came across two videos;

In one of the videos, members of the church were rolling n the floor and other types of stunts that Buster Kaeton and Jackie Chan cannot perform if combined. Though funny but pathetic as well. So, we start to ask questions…Are they insane? Charmed? Hypnotized? Stupid?

When people see videos like these, even that of those eating rats, drinking fuel as in South Africa, roll in mud, fall in gutter, Jet-lee like acrobatics as in the Lazarus Mouka’s, “The Lord’s Chosen”, they laugh. What are they laughing about?

The one who bows for the picture/statue of Jesus and Mary wants to laugh at the one who eats insects in the name of God? The picture drawn by a like him him, the same he bows to yet he laughs at another for suffering from a different disease?

He say God is one in three, the Father is not the son, the son not the father, the son is not the holyspirit, the holy spirit is no the son, the holyspirit is not the father, the father is not the holyspirit but these three are one God but the son and the father are one albeit the father is greater than the son, yet, the son and father forgive blasphemy but the holyspirit does not. The same person feels he is sane and laughs at the one that drinks fuel in the name of the Lord.

He hits his foot on a stone, he is shocked, he forgets SubhanaLlah! and is quick to call the name of his Sheikh and thinks some are on manifest error…

He venerates the cow, says all is God, worships gods, goddesses, stones and he laughs at those twerking, twisting, jumping and wailing in their house of worship.

Even if he thinks he is not handsome, perhaps his gaze was so lowered that he does not see beautiful women that he starts to proclaim that apes are his ancestors. He admires science and technology but his own self, his eyes, legs, mouth…all of him…he gives to the last universal common ancestor. He says there is no creator and mocks those who sniff sand in the name of God.

All these are sick and there is just one cure…PRISTINE ISLAM

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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