Unthinkable and unbearable, a
shock and grief which
is too hard to bear. Why?

In the midst of multitude
growing, you came in to
sail their smile away. Why?

Even with the unwelcomed
gestures you found your
way in oh heartless
visitor! Why?

Forcing the reality of your
existence into our minds
we wonder when or who is next. Why?

Whether poor, rich, old
or young you take their
souls when thier time is
up. Why?

You came and went slicing
our treasures and striking
a blow to the heart. Why?

The question here is really
clear, our lives are just a
playground which is compulsory
for you to dwell in every soul.

Indeed every soul shall taste death (Quran 3:185)

©️ Abdulwasi’i Penmouth


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