Shaikh Mustapha Zuglool Sunuusi is a native of Ikirun in Osun state. He was born on 18th of August 1938. He was one of the earliest students of sheikh Adam Abdullah Al-ilory. Sheikh Adam said a lot about the brilliancy of this special student of his. He was truly his pride. He ( sheikh Adam) once said ” if I’m asked by the angel on the day of kiyaamah, what good have you done? I would say – proudly- ‘I taught Zuglool’ “.


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The Noble Sheikh was said to have died after Maghrib Solah yesterday, July 5, 2017 and buried today, July 6, 2017 according to Islamic rites.


His son, Muntaqoh who came from the UK to bid his father farewell was overwhelmed as he was in an ocean of tears. May Allah console him. Ameen.


Waiting for Janazah Solat


Shaykh Dhikrullah Shafii and others arrived around 4:07 pm.

Imam AbdurRahman Ahmad (National Chief Imam, Ansarudeen) arrived around 4:28pm. The corpse was about to be brought out around 4:29 pm.



Waiting for the Corpse


Waiting for the Corpse


The Janazah Prayer ended around 5:26 pm. The Noble Sheikh was buried in Daru Dawah Institute of Arabic and Islamic studies, Isolo, Lagos.


Watch video of the Corpse being conveyed into the grave. Allahu Akbar!!!




Shaykh Mustapha Zuglool Abu Ridwan has was buried around 5:43pm.


Other notable attendees are :

Shaykh Musa Agboola

Shaykh Habeebullahi Adam Abdullahi Al-Ilory

Shaykh Farooq Onikijipa

Shaykh AbdurRahman Ahmad

Shaykh Hon. AbdulHakeem Abdulateef (Commissioner of Home affairs, Lagos State) and others.


May Almighty Allah forgive Shaykh Zuglool,  grant him Jannah and enlarge his grave. Ameen


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