Yesterday, I came across a video of a conversation between a Muslim and a woman who claims to be a Muslim, Christian and Traditionalist. Watch video here;


The futile attempt to harmonize and reconcile religions with very glaring contradictions is laughable as well ridiculous. It would be sufficient to say that that people like the woman in the video are either faith-gambling or just using other religions as baits to deceive others. The latter makes more sense.

For me, that woman is not a Christian neither a Muslim but a Traditionalist. In the video, it is obvious that she is bereft of biblical and Islamic knowledge; a Muslim and Christian in theory but a Traditionalist in practice.

It is unfortunate that people who have little or no knowledge about their faith get confused and deceived by these confusionists. For then, this harmonization portrays peace and religious tolerance.


In an article which was a refutation to Imam Tawhidi, it has been explained that ideologies like omnism (which is a macrocosm that has Chrislamotraditionalism as a branch) is deceptive, misleading, confusing, erroneous, illogical and preposterous.

Tawhidi, the self-acclaimed Imam with no congregation wrote,

“I’m Muslim with Christian blood and Jewish heart. It pumps Hinduism to my Buddhist mind and generates a Sikh vision. My feelings are Yazidi, veins are Jain. I breathe Zoroastrian, and think Bahai. In my sleep I’m non-religious, my dreams are spiritual and when I awake, I’m human.”

In the next paragraphs, we would be revisiting the refutation against Tawhidi which would suffice for all those who claim to practice or belief in different religions.

Analyzing the self-acclaimed Imam’s tweet, we can conclude that he belongs to all religions and no religion in particular and this is the perfect definition of Omnism. Omnism is the recognition of and respect for all religions believing none contains absolute truth.

Therefore, his tweet is expected from a confused individual who wants to be loved and accepted by everyone and not from a Muslim. Unfortunately, this is nothing but hypocrisy as certain fundamental aspects of the religion need to be discarded. An Omnist would pass for an individual who is lost and confused. Also, he lacks deep and critical thinking.

It is important that we know the impossibility of being a Christian and a Muslim; gets worse when you add Judaism and Zoroastrianism and traditiinalism. With the obvious and glaring differences between these religions, an attempt to reconcile them would be having a square peg in a round hole except if one claims to be agnostic.

Take for example, in Islam, Jesus was not crucified, not the son of God and not the Lord and Saviour of humanity. How can a man be Muslim but with Christian blood whose fundamentals negate that of Islam and a Jewish heart that so much despises and demeans Jesus and Mary, his mother?


If Mr. Tawhid (like the woman in the video) who claims to be an Imam understood Islam, he would not get lost or confused in an attempt to portray himself as a peaceful individual. Over a thousand years ago, Allah had revealed a chapter of the Qur’an that succinctly defines the true concept of peace. Allah says;

“In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

  1. Say : O ye that reject Faith!
  2. I worship not that which ye worship,
  3. Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
  4. And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,
  5. Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
  6. To you be your Way, and to me mine.” (Suratul-Al Kaafiroon)

This chapter makes it glaring as well as obvious that Muslims are expected to tolerate people of other religions. Their religion is to be to them while the Muslim is to hold unto his. When the likes of Imam Tawhidi come with an exaggerated definition of peace which in the reality is compromise and hypocrisy in disguise, the one who is really peaceful and tolerant is seen as extreme.

Muslims are advised to shun this woman and her likes. They are dangerous to your being Muslims. They have nothing to offer you but fetishism. God cannot be gambled with. It is ridiculous to assume that practicing different religion will get you saved because if one of them is wrong, another may be right. It is clear in the Qur’an that the only religion with Allah is Islam.

Who is at loss if not a man who lies to himself!


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman





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